When Horses Are More Then Just Horses

Every horse person has seen those meme’s about horses that show our addiction to them.  That in a simple way explain the core of why we love horses. The adrenaline rush, the companionship and the partnership that go into working with horses is something rarely found anywhere else, even among the human population.

For many, horses are a way to be social. A way to go out in the world and meet new people, see new things and are a mode of transportation and a way to win a ribbon. For others it’s a get away from reality and a place where they feel comfortable and a moment of relaxation.  These are what make horses great.(And several of the reasons I like them as well)  They are so versatile in how the influence us as humans. But to me a horse is more then just a horse.

What an odd statement right? How can they be more then what they are? Well this is what a horse is to me.

My horses to me are my therapist. They are the shoulder to lean on when all I want to do is curl up and cry. They happily sit and listen and will comfort and nuzzle for treats.

A horse to me is a best friend who will happily put me back in my place when I get just a tad to cocky but will share in the joys of great accomplishments and small moments of pure happiness.

But mostly horse to me is a mirror of myself.   I have worked with my horses in a large variations of emotions from joy to anger and sadness to everything in-between and each time I’ve worked with them they have given me an insight into the state of things with in myself. And they have done their best to balance out the worst parts.

In those moments where I’m angry they give me distance but give me presence. They allow me the space I need but they are near enough that I can take solace in their presence and remind myself that what is bothering me today has no bearing on me tomorrow and to just let go. When I am happy they are just as willing to come over and play as well. They love sharing in happiness (and take advantage of it to squeeze out one more treat from m pockets)

The more I take time to just watch my horses. The more I take a moment just to relax with them the more they are helping me find balance within myself. And so as I continue to work with them I continue to use watch them to see how the reflection of myself slowly makes changes for the better. As I learn to let go of the past and embrace the moment. To take the time to look around and enjoy nature and those little miracles around me. It’s the small moments that really matter and each day my horses gift me with a plethora of them.

But at the core the are a reflection of myself. They feed off the energies I give and restore the balance that I seek. They let me know when I am beginning to spin and wobble. They adjust themselves to how I’m acting and in watching those moments I can see the state of my mind because they are watching me.

What would we do without horses? I know i’d be adrift without an anchor in these challenging times.

Until next time.

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