Trust and Confidence

Man, I’m still living off my riding high from yesterday! Yesterday I hands down had the best ride I’ve had on Cash in AGES! He was such a good boy! and I can say the only thing that was holding him back was me. Quite literally I might add.

I am an Eventer by heart. I love jumping, I love the rush of cross country…I suffer through dressage…and I love every second of it. There’s nothing more amazing then the feel of a horse galloping underneath you and the thrill (ok with a liberal dose of fear sometimes) of heading towards a jump.  Its addicting and I’m defiantly an adrenaline junky!

So why have I been sticking to the arena? Well ok, its not quite so simple as that. I don’t have great trails to ride right now that I feel comfortable riding just yet and by this I mean no one to ride with to check out said trails. Honestly I think the main reason is the fence for me has become a safety net. On the off chance I fall off it will stop my horses. And I won’t lie, since my accident I’m still building trust and confidence in myself as well as Cash.

This week has been one of those weeks that I just kinda wanted to bang my head against the wall. I can’t go home for the 4th, the hubby is away working right now, and stuff at work just didn’t seem to go right. So yesterday I said “To hell with it all” threw on my western saddle for some security and off we went to the pasture.

I think Cash knew what I was thinking. He was amped up from the start BUT he listened to me. He walked when I asked, trotted when I asked and finally galloped like a champ! We just rode like there wasn’t a care in the world. I embraced the feeling of the power underneath me and I gave him his head. He took off like a rocket and it was just the thing I needed (and I think he did to)! And ya know what he didn’t put a hoof wrong! He just ran and I rode with him and it was such a wonderful feeling. For the first time in ages we were riding like we were one!

In that moment I realized what was holding me back was ME! It’s amazing how cathartic horses can be!  Yesterday Cash proved I could trust him to carry me safely but I had to give him that trust first. I had to have confidence in myself and him for it to work out! Isn’t Cash the smartest horse ever?

I think we both needed that moment. He needed to know I trusted him and I needed to know I could trust him. Ya know what gave me the confidence to do it? The western saddle. Being just a tad bit more secure in case he pulled any antics and ya know what? Not a single one was pulled.  Granted he didn’t really want to stop but hey neither did I. Though the farmer wouldn’t have been happy if we’d have plowed through his fence and my wallet wouldn’t have either.  We both went back to the barn a little sweaty and covered in dust but so much happier then before. It was perfect and probably a moment I won’t ever forget!

Have respect and trust and confidence in your horse and he will give it back ten fold!!!

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