Staying Sane Away From My Horses!

So for those who don’t know I am currently away from my horses at the moment *shakes fist at boss* (but nah its cool. Really I’m getting some good training with some working dogs soooooo I won’t complain too much *ahem* I repeat tooooo much) This is not the first time, nor probably the last time I will have to be away from my beasties and I must say these times have been their own brand of torture! How do I combat this miserable time???

YOUTUBE!!! Constantly watching random clips of anything regarding horses and every little snippet FEI likes to tease me with, to keep updated on all goings on in the big horse world!

Books: Time to catch up on some reading about the beloved horses! Whether it be about new training techniques, an Equine Science text book, how to shoe your own horse or even those sappy horse novels you can pick up for $00.99 on Amazon… as long as it pertains to horses it works!

Ebay/Amazon: You pesky little websites! Type in Horse in the search bar some time and see how many things pop up for sale. It can take a while to sort through but I know I can find a lot of nice things to buy, purely to decorate the current arrangements in horse related items until living, breathing horses are near by!

Anything even remotely horse related and I mean ANYTHING….I picked up the violin and learned how to play it-ish…yup… you guessed it…the horse hair bow sold it! I still play…just mostly to myself to spare the ears of those I love.

Find that trail horse dude ranch: Sometimes I’ll find a place offering rides at a decent price. Its nothing fancy just a walk down a trail, pretty much nose to tail.  If those horses are well taken care of at least I get that amazing horse smell if just for a little while!

I’ve even found myself brushing my face with a shoe shine brush once, just purely to feel the horse hair!! yup…I proudly state I have been that desperate!!!

As horse people we are defiantly our own brand of amazing with just a tad bid of insanity (ok sometimes more then a tad bit insanity)  but I wouldn’t give it up for the world. Besides its fun to be regarded as the crazy horse lady at work!

What crazy antics have you found yourself doing in order to combat a serious case of missing your horses??

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