Sorry Colorado I Jinxed you

SOOOOOOOOOO I owe and apology to those living in Colorado. A few days ago I said that Colorado had stopped the monsoons and was now imitating Ireland with lovely foggy weather….well apparently I jinxed us because not only is it flooding here it has now turned into a gigantic snow storm as well…..sooooo I’m really really sorry!!!!

At least our ponies were smart and while I got soaked feeding them…

wet and rainy


They were all nice and toasty in their dry stalls. They even refused to come out and say hi which never happens! Not even treats would coax them out! (This is my Dad’s horse Laredo and her wonderful foal Tahnee who I’m so stealing once she’s older hehehehe)

smart ponies



And of course now we have about 2 inches of snow on the ground in a matter of 4 hours


to snow

Since horse activities were kinda out of the question it was mostly a play day! Shopping at tack and feed stores,  A replay of Rolex Cross country, eating homemade ice cream and watching Despicable Me! Huzzah! 😀  Hopefully this will be gone quickly and the footing will be back to ridable quickly. Until then I’ll have no choice but to actually pack up all my stuff and get ready to go *sigh*

I hope everyone, your horses and dogs too  are warm (unless your in Yuma, AZ), Dry and comfortable for the night!

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