Picking Apples!


Anyone who has anything to do with horses knows that horses seem to absolutely love the all mighty APPLE!

Since moving to Washington I have come to learn that fruit trees/bushes do exceptionally well here and as it’s fall that means there are tons of APPLES!!!!  The boys and I absolutely love them.  There is nothing quite so good as a ripe apple right off a tree!

So I was out riding Cash bareback. (A concept he is not so sure of yet) I seriously think he thinks I’m weird when I just jump up on him with only a halter and lead rope and ask him to do anything.

After a few laps around the arena letting Cash know that he really can trot with me up there with no saddle and I (usually) won’t fall off… I decided to go graze with him. So after managing to get him to stand parallel to the gate long enough for me to unlatch it we set out grazing. What isn’t better then lazying about watching your horse graze?

It was at this moment I realize that the apple tree near the arena has ripe apples still clinging to it’s leaves.

I had been meaning to grab apples off it for a few weeks now but all the apples within my reach were gone…and then I realized my horse is just shy of 16 hands and would make a great ladder. SO I began strategically moving him near the apple tree and I suddenly had a bounty of apples at my finger tips!!!!

I eagerly began filling my hoody pockets with as many apples that would fit. Around this moment I believe Cash clued into what I was doing. He strategically maneuvered himself one lazy step at a time so as not to que me into his plans. While I was busy stuffing my pockets and not paying attention to what was right in front of me I was suddenly squished between a branch and Cash’s back.

While it did not harm me…other then adding some twigs and leaves to my hair…it did effectively knock about three apples out of my pocket. As they thumped onto the ground he casually moved me safely out of the branch and turned around to eat said dropped apples while I scrambled to keep the apples in my pocket and not slide off of Cash’s back.

An innocent misjudging of the branch? I think not!

Cash seriously is too smart for his own good most days. At this point I realized what sneaky and brilliant scheme he had been up to and I was trying not to loose my apples and fall off as I was laughing so hard. (The lovely people I board with probably think I’m insane now after coming out and seeing me almost crying I was laughing so hard and having no clue as to why)

It’s one of those moments where all I can do is say “Touché good sir!” and take the treasure trove of fruit I still had and whisk it away to safety A.K.A. the seat of my truck. And of course being the sap that I am Cash still got his bucket of oats.

He says his daily ration of oats and beet pulp still wins out over an apple but he still gobbled both up by the time he was done.

And of course I couldn’t forget the youngster so Jack got to share in the bounty as well when I got him out to work with him 😀

oats over apples

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