Nickers and Whisker Rubs Help Ease All Pains!


These last two weeks have been some crazy ups and downs emotionally wise. I had an amazing time going home and seeing my family and friends! And of course going riding with my mom (sorry Cash and Jack but I couldn’t help it!) I mean a girl can only take so long without something horsey going on right?!

I got to ride some amazing horses when I was home. One of my favorite, surprisingly so, was this little andalusian cross that is a total blast. I won’t lie, I wasn’t sure I’d like her. I’ve very biased when it comes to my horses though I do have fun riding other breeds/horses. She’s such a fun little horse with so much potential to go in any direction and so willing to please!  Her energy was just so much fun it made me want to try all sorts of stuff with her but I withheld and just had some fun doing basics. A huge thank you to her owner for letting me play with her!

As a kinda random note: I got to see the lion king in broadway while I was home and all I have to say is it was AMAZING! If anyone loves the lion king movies then I highly recommend seeing the broadway show. They did an amazing job and if I could I’d seriously go right back and watch it again! Plus having some amazing friends with me helped to.

The hardest thing these last 2 weeks was actually filing for divorce. I did not realize how much of an emotional upheaval that was going to be. It’s different just talking about it but actually going through with it and saying good bye to a part of my life really was heart wrenching. My ex-husband and I are still good friends so that’s a plus, but maybe hating each other would have made it easier. I wouldn’t have felt so damn guilty or continually questioned our decision. But in the end we both still agreed it was the best to do in our current situation and filed.  It’s such a hard thing to describe emotionally. It’s as if relief, guilt and regret vie for dominance in a swirl of emotion. Even though our situation wasn’t working I still love him very much and I think thats the hardest part. We truly never had a hate phase. A frustrated and disappointed phase but hate was not really one of them and still isn’t. So trying t adjust to a friendship relationship only  and not be tainted by the guilt of failure has very hard. But I definitely never want to loose him as a friend as he has had such a huge impact on my life in so many amazing ways.

Coming back home to Washington was a welcome site since work wouldn’t let me go back to my parents. They say I actually need to work for my pay check. Geesh. I of course had to run out and see the boys even though it was almost dark. They were happily awaiting me with nickers and whisker rubs begging for treats. There is nothing like those low nickers and lovings you get from a horse. It’s likes something deep in my soul just relaxes and find a small sliver of joy no matter how sad or really emotional I am at the time.  I don’t know what I’d do without those beasties!

Washington’s winter has definitely hit full force and the wind and rain have finally made their appearance. The boys both say the LOVE the mud and insist on coating themselves in it as much as possible.  So while our riding plans might be a bit slower then normal at least I can still get my horsey lovings from them! 

Until next time my friends!


muddy jack and cash

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