Just Who Is The Beast Of Burden?

Pic by J L Werner

Owning horses at home. The wonderful, heavenly idea! It’s fantastic, amazing and almost magical….until it isn’t.

Now don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love drinking my coffee and seeing my boys pleading with me to hurry up and come feed them. To watch them graze and be so peaceful……And then I get the bills… and my wallet starts screaming “oh god please not again!”

My bank account keeps giving me the alarm that it’s empty and there is nothing left and I begin to contemplate whether plain rice or a PBJ sandwich would be better for breakfast.

The big bills always seem to roll in together. The barn needs to be re-roofed, The truck suddenly needs new tires/new breaks, hay needs to be paid for and stacked, don’t forget the farrier….oh and that lovely house payment so you can keep said horses at home just to top it all off.

Then you start wondering if you can wrap your horses in bubble wrap and duck tape on the off chance they might get hurt because one more bill might just do you in and you’ll be down graded from PBJ to Raman noodles and start having flashbacks to your first year away from home.

But those horse are so adorable and they just nicker to you….Right before they rip their brand new fly sheets to pieces and put a huge crack in their hooves so you have to call the farrier out AGAIN and you begin to wonder if maybe you can float said check before the bank registers there is actually no money to pay for said service….fariers still take checks right?!!! oh please tell me my farrier takes a check!

Then you have an amazing ride on your horse! That would be right before you get off and realize your saddle is magically two sizes too small in the gullet and now you’ll be shopping for new saddles….Wait….Who needs a saddle anyway? The natives rode bareback! I shall embrace that tiny sliver of native blood flowing through my veins and throw caution to the wind…..and hope and pray my family hears my pleas come christmas time and buys that fancy saddle I’ve been eyeing for two years!

But oh by golly I’m living the dream! Them beasts….sweet little beasts are happy in their stalls, eating the best hay that can be bought. With the, yet again, new fly sheets, newly trimmed and polished hooves, and a coat so shiny it can blind the neighbors if the sun hits them just right and a nice misting of fly spray so they don’t wear themselves out before the next ride. A ride THEY  get to ride in, in the new trailer that costs more then my truck, my old, much loved truck. *sigh*

Wait a minuet…..Which animal is supposed to be the beast of burden? Who exactly is the slave to whom? *Eyes narrow* I think I have been duped by the system….and yet….Those adorable beasties just nicker and their eyes sparkle and….”Oh yes sir, I’m bringing the treats!”

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