How A Newly Single Equestrian Spends Valentines Day

As some of you know  my husband and I decided to get a divorce a while back. It was finalized last month and so now I am newly single and then Valentines day arrives. Now normally I don’t care much about Valentine’s day but being newly divorced and hearing/seeing everyone talk about their significant others or planning big gooey dates with chocolate and flowers included kinda hit me a little hard.

This year I don’t have that someone to call mine and I won’t lie it kinda hurt a bit. Not to mention Facebook had to start dragging up pictures of our anniversary vacation we took around this time….I mean my ex and I are still friends but REALLY Facebook…do you have to add insult to injury right now?
So what is a newly single equestrian to do on Valentines day?

1.) Drink Wine! Of course being a horse crazy lady it has to be from 14 Hands! Hot to trot red blend it is!

wine and saddle

2.) Order pizza! Only stuffed crust will do thank you!  I will pair this delicious pizza with the wine.

pizza wine

3.) Horse time...of course I happen to have two boys standing in the paddocks awaiting me. Two quite glorious boys actually (ok I might be a tad biased but hey can you blame me?). Though these days they tend to be a tad on the dirty side (Have I mentioned it gets muddy here in Washington?) There’s just something about that warm horsey smell that lets me over look all the mud and poop stains to see those shining excited eyes staring back at me ready to go….Oh and I must admit I have a bit of a lovers quarrel going on. Poor Cash just HATES when I give attention to Jack… *sigh* He’s the jealous type but I think he’ll eventually get over it!

Photo Shape Editor:

4.) Eat Chocolate…I mean come on you HAD to see this one coming! Isn’t that what this holiday is really about?

horse chocolate

5.) Watch horse movies...yup it really is the best. From the old classic to new and cheesy Bring them ON!!

horse movies

So While I don’t have any crazy plans this week, or any binge drinking at the local bars lamenting my single status I do belive I have a glorious day planned. I mean really who wants to hang out with a bunch of people when there are horses around anyways? And I do have a social life….I swear….work counts as a social life right????

Happy Valentines day everyone! I hope it’s glorious and filled with deliciousness. Don’t forget to give those four-legged beasties a treat.


Until Next time!

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