Change Is In The Air!

Change is here!  I will be moving my horses from Colorado to Washington soon.  While this will by no means be the biggest move I have made I believe it will be the biggest fresh start for my horses and myself. A lot has changed for me in recent years. I am now married, I have a great though time consuming job working with dogs (almost as good as working with horses!) and a change in scenery, and I’m starting this Blog! But I think the biggest change for me has been a change in how I emotionally handle training with my horses.

I have come to the point where I realize how much my emotional state affects those around me. When working with dogs we have a saying that “everything travels down leash” and this is exactly the same when working with horses. It’s amazing how something so small, as being frustrated, can set up a whole nightmare of a training day.

My horse Cash is a master at letting me know when I have to stop and take a deep breath. He has no qualms picking a fight with me and putting me back in my place.This has turned into some EPIC and feisty rounds between us, until I realized I wasn’t fighting my horse, I was fighting myself. The more frustrated I was, the more tense he became, which caused me to get more frustrated and tense, and then he became even more tense and stiff, and  before long  he just says “you wanna fight? Cause I’m seriously trying here. I’m just confused by you so we are gonna FIGHT” And off we would go.

Now this sounds a lot worse then it actually is. More times then not it is him just dropping his shoulder and going everywhere but the direction I want him to go. When I realized that he was telling me there was an issue with ME,  I stop and take  several really really deep breaths. Then when I feel calm, I pick the reins back up and ask for what we had initially been fighting over and he calmly does exactly what I wanted in the first place.

So I’ll do my best to go to each and every riding session like its a clean slate. nothing but positive thoughts and not being afraid to take a moment, breath and then carry on!

So have any of you had issues with your emotions getting in the way? any “ah ha!” moments?  Or just big changes in how you work your horses??? Let me know!


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