Have you heard of the Horsemaster program?

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Upon arriving in Washington I was meeting the people in the horse world here and I found something I’ve never heard of before. Of course there was a local group of pony clubbers, like there is about everywhere, but someone asked me “Have you heard about the Horsemasters program?”

Well I must admit other then calling myself a master of horses (in a very sarcastic manner usually after I’ve fallen off my horse) I had never known of a group called that. Well let me tell you it is the COOLIST program I’ve found so far. It’s literally Pony Club for ADULTS!!!

I got super lucky since I bought my new house there is a covered arena near me and it was here I learned of a new Horsemasters program starting up right next door. The Sunset Valley PC-Horsemasters in Oak Harbor, WA, A newly  established group of kick ass ladies ready to tackle any challenge and have a blast doing it!

What is  Pony Club and Horsemasters?

Pony club is a very good structured program to get kids up to age 25 into the eventing community (and you can specialize in the higher levels if you choose to stray away from traditional eventing) and it gives really good knowledge on so many topics from basic grooming to stable management, and so much more. It was started in 1954 after the British Pony Club to teach horsemanship and all aspects of care for the horse. It has since gained recognition world wide  and there are many programs in many countries to date.

Horsemasters allows adults to do the same curriculum as Pony Clubbers and get the same level certifications( D-A) as a normal pony clubber but as an adult. Sometimes Pony Club will have an adult program running in tandem with their club or like mine it’s completely adults no children around.  I must admit I’m glad I’m starting this journey now because I think adults get a lot more out of the program then most children.

Now why would adults get more out of Pony Club in the Horsemasters program?

Well while I was horse crazy growing up I had this little stubborn “I know it all” streak in me. And there were many a time I just tuned out what instructors were saying or just rolled my eyes and gave an attitude. While some kids are completely devoted the majority are not so as an adult we have CHOSEN to do this. We will be paying attention as much as possible because we are taking our own time and money to do it.

This isn’t someones mom living vicariously through their kid, or using it as a weird sort of baby sitting program so they can go drink and gossip with the local horse ladies. No. This is a group of adults who are beginning and/or continuing their education and are truly devoted to it. They are people 18 years old and above who are out there to have fun, increase their skills and are some of the most encouraging people I’ve met to date. Not to mention Horsemasters is a great way to network with other riders and horse people in the area. If you’re new to an area it’s a virtual gold mine of information about local shows, places to ride, events going on and some good old friendship! I’ve learned more about the goings on of the horse community here in Washington in the last month then I have the whole time I’ve been here!

Tomorrow is a clinic that explains the certification process and I’m super excited to go. Hopefully I can try and quickly get through my D ratings and jump right into C this summer!   There will most assuredly be some writing and videoing about this weekend so have no fear of being left out and I’ll post it as soon as I can (there will also be a link added below for you to!) I’m about to gain some knowledge not only on the inner workings of Pony Club but hopefully some more friends as well!

If you would like to find out more about Pony Club/Horsemasters and see if there is any in your area check out their official page at https://secure.ponyclub.org/findponyclub/map.aspx


Until next time!

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