Good Friends, Dogs, and Horses

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Recently I got to talk to a great friend of mine. She’s one of the few people I can literally talk for hours with about various horsey related items (and some dog stuff to) and literally never run out of stuff to talk about. After our most recent conversation it really got me thinking of how blessed I have been in my life with Good friends, dogs and horses. The three most reliable creatures on the earth!

All three have gotten me through some of the most difficult times in my life so I wanted to really do a shout out to all the amazing friends I have. I won’t list you by name (ok I got a little antsy in writing this post and didn’t have time to ask your permission) But you know who you are!!!!! (Especially you my dressage addicted friend )

But I will do a shout out by name of the greatest dogs and horses that have taught me so much as I’ve grown up.  I won’t list everyone because honestly that could fill up several pages but there are a handful of each that have really impacted me growing up!


Koda– our family dog who has grown up, chased me around and been a constant companion when ever I’m home. You have always given me so much love and happiness. You always put me in the best of moods no matte what is happening. I have so many good memories with you growing up digging me out of the snow my brother buried me in, helping me dig snow forts, refining my basic teaching skills.  I’m sorry I left in Colorado but I’m sure you enjoy your time at the ranch much more than your time in my little house here.

Fien Boot

Fien– My working dog and faithful partner. You are my guardian. With you by my side I never have to worry or fear for anything. You always bring a smile to my face in the mornings and a nudge and good lovings when I’m down. You have taught me so much in not only how to work with dogs but also how to work with my horses. You are seriously the best partner I could ever ask for!

Sioux– My very first dog to call my own. You were so full of spitfire and so very faithful. You taught me how to teach a dog tricks and you were always by my side. You were such a great dog and are one of the reason’s I worked so hard to get a job working with dogs. Theres nothing like the love and devotion of an awesome dog. Miss ya Mrs. wiggle butt.


Horses (other than the two I own now): 

My wonderful mare Shay and I at my first ever horse trial!

Shay– You were an amazing horse that I was so lucky grow up with and I will always call you my best friend. You taught me so much about riding, living and just loving. You were always a shoulder to cry on when I needed it and somehow could always make me laugh (especially when riding bareback). you were my constant rock in the uncertain times as a teenager and you truly never steered me wrong. You were never shy about putting me back in my place when I got just a little to big for my britches. You were never afraid to take me down the street or jump a cross country course, though going through the drive through window was give and take some days. You allowed me to dress you up for Halloween and braid you mane and tail just because. You’re a one in a million horse and I miss you every day! Plus you gave me Cash.  I’ll always love you Shayzier!

Miles– A horse I stole from my dad and one who brought my mom and dad together. A great old gelding with so many stories to tell. You hauled me n my brother around through parades, pair paces and pretty much anything I could think of. You were the envy of many a kid and one that will never be forgotten!

Elly– My very first horse. A steady mare that never put a foot wrong. You carried me through thick and thin when I was young. You took me through my western years and happily led me around. You were the best rescue we ever got and I’ll always remember those wonderful first years you gave me when I was finally old enough to go ride on my own!


These are but a handful of the animals that have taught me so much but they are some of the ones who have had the most impact in my life.They have been some of the best teachers and friends I could have ever asked for.They will always be with me even if some of them have moved on to greener pastures. I know someday I’ll meet up with them once more because if heaven doesn’t have dogs and horses I want to go where ever they are!

I don’t have pictures for all of them ready on my computer but have no fear you will get pictures as soon as I dig them out and get them scanned.


**note** I don’t know the author/creator of the pic but it was to perfect not to use.


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