Getting used to Rain!


Wet winter

I have written once that I’ve been spoiled growing up in pretty good weather. It has been affirmed. I am really annoyed with the rain. I don’t mind riding in the rain per se but not having good footing to jump really sucks.  Not to mention I had to buy my first ever rain sheets. I have never had to buy one before but both boys now have a sheet I can throw on them in case I don’t want to brush off the mounds of mud they like to roll in, if the wind kicks up really badly, and to prevent rain rot if it gets to really pouring. Jack is the only one wearing one at the moment cause he’s a tad skinnier and his coat is a bit thin. Cash couldn’t figure out why Jack suddenly changed colors when I put them back together.

In so many ways I feel like a newbie here! Dealing with issues like rain rot and mud fever and just over all issues that come from being constantly wet is so new to me thats sometimes I feel stupid. Some things are so normal here that I feel like an idiot asking but hey we all gotta start somewhere!  good thing I’m a quick learner!!!  Not to mention a cooler is also on my list because it is so easy to get the boys worked up into a sweat and I don’t want to shave them since they live outside.

Now on the bright side to all the poor footing. It has made me re-evaluate some of my ground work and begin working on it again. I think ground work is some of the most under utilized exercises through out the horse world.  For dressage especially everything you are taught to teach in the saddle you can teach on the ground (future posts coming).

Now if I can just get Cash used to muddy footing. He was doing his best western horse impersonation yesterday. He is most assuradly a fair weather horse. Any uncertain footing and he really doesn’t want to move fast. Not a bad quality but it does get very annoying sometimes. I do think he will get used to it eventually but for now everything this winter will be on the slow bordering on cold molasses slow until he gets his “Mud” legs.  The good news about cold weather is a great reason to embrace the “no stirrup November” and just say “no saddle” and ride bareback to keep warm!

Has anyone ever completely changed environments and suddenly didn’t know how to do basic care to keep issues at bay like rain rot or mud fever, or to dry places and had to deal with cracked hooves and dry skin? If so let me know! I’d love to hear your stories!!

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