Conquering Ditches!

Today was a great day. I got out early from work (ok it’s not truly early if I worked all night) I ran home caught a quick nap and of course went out and got some horse hair therapy!  I’ve been working a lot in the arena with Cash so today was the day to hit the Trail!

So I was a tad lazy and didn’t want to trailer out so I decided to ride the roads. I tacked up and headed down the drive but today we were going left instead of our customary right. Cash is loving the cool fall weather here. He decided to show it by being a spook. Thankfully his spooks are mostly snorting and stopping to look at what ever has him on edge and I can usually very easily coax him to continue going.

After a relatively uneventful trot down the road, other then a few snorts and stares at some cows and a very scary rock, I deemed we had gone far enough. I decided to turn around in this lovely lady’s driveway. And low and behold I spied a nice little ditch that ran the length of her pasture fence with a lovely gap between the fence and the ditch…..I have mentioned I am an Eventer by heart right? (And it’s kinda the point of this whole blogging thing) So I see a ditch and decide that it’s the perfect time for some training! Thankfully the road isn’t heavily traveled so I only had to dodge one car 😀

Cash hasn’t conquered many natural obstacles in his life and with him feeling his oats today he didn’t quite wanna play along with going OVER the ditch. He just thought going around or grazing was a much much better alternative.  I probably could have been more insistent on him getting over faster but I was in no rush and since he hasn’t had much exposure to elements out in nature I figured why rush? And I really think it made all the difference! Besides the whole ordeal only took three and a half minuets anyways.

There were a few times where he gathered himself to jump and then decided not to. I;d let him walk a little ways (or grab a snack) and then ask for it again. Other then pulling him up once so we wouldn’t get hit by an on coming car, in the end I think Cash got tired of my nagging and decided it would be easier to just hop over. And it was a very balanced and graceful hop I might add. No flying leaps of doom, or terrified scrambling. He just said “fine” and hoped over!

I didn’t ask him to go again. I think in the end he decided to jump and I’d rather leave it on that note! I ended up having an unknown audience as well. The lady who’s ditch I was jumping, her dog started barking. I think she must have come out to see what was going on and decided to watch. I got a “Good Job!” from crossed the way which completely and utterly made my day!  So THANK YOU!  it was after all your ditch I was jumping and I did disrupt your day so thank you again!  ( have I ever mentioned how much I love the equestrian community?)

So today Cash conquered his first real ditch and I couldn’t be happier!  For those who would like to see what I did to get him over feel free to watch the video below. ….and on that note…. I tend to talk ALOT when I encounter situations like this. It keeps me calm and relaxed which helps keep Cash (and Jack) calm and relaxed soooooo if you don’ want to hear me blabber on please turn your volume down!



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