Breaking Bad Habbits


Cash just looks to good in this pic not to use it again :D
Cash just looks to good in this pic not to use it again 😀

Oh happy days!!! I think I’ve finally taken a huge step in breaking a major bad habbit!!

Ok before I get into that I’m gonna back track a bit.  So some of you might have read my Change in Enviornment post. Well couple a change of enviornment and a newly formed attachment to Jack and now you might have an idea of Cash’s behavior!

Now I do have to say he has been a great boy. Even though he’s nervious he’s actually been using his brain…at least 90% of the time and that I can definally deal with!! (knock on wood!!!!)  Yesterday evening I actually got to ride Cash for the first time since getting to Washington.

Ok so insert me breaking (at least starting to break) a very bad habbit of mine. After 10 minuets of lunging to make sure Cash’s brain was indeed engaged I decided today I was gonna ride him!!  So I put my foot in the stirrup and I swung up into the saddle. Cash tensed a bit and I do mean tensed! I could feel every muscle in his back was tight.

Now when Cash was much younger this would have ment that we were about to have a mega fight and potentially bucking, heading in what ever direction he wanted to go and at this point it was towards the gate closest to Jack.This is also the point where I would take alot of contact to make sure I had control.  Cash would go hollow and pop his sholder out and still go where he wanted and we would start the mega fight that had been brewing since the start. Can you see the snowball effect yet?

So last night Cash was super tense and I’ll admit I picked up contact on the reins and I was tense myself antisipating him but this is where I noticed what I was doing! Emotions travel to your horse. If he is tense and he felt me being tense then by golly something is about to eat us and the whole world is ending! So what did I do? I took a gigantic breath let it out…cringed a little… and released the reins all the way to the buckle!

Ya know what happend? Nothing. Not darned thing!!  He was still tense but he stayed standing. Now I wasn’t about to push my luck just standing there so moved him up into the walk and then to the trot. After that moment I made sure to keep off the reins and I can say today he was hands down the best he’s ever been! He listened to where I wanted to go, up and downward transitions, and most importantly to whoa! After a little while he even started looking like a horse and not a mule/camel by putting his head down! ALL BY HIMSELF! All I did was ask for forward movement!!!  *happy dance! *

So I am thrilled with our progress!! It just makes my day!! (can’t you tell by all my exclamation points?)  😀  I will attempt to get ya’ll more pics and videos soon as well. I have a new gopro I gotta set up and play with! muh hahahahah.

Anyone ever have that moment where you realized you were finally breaking a bad habbit?

Let me know in a comment below!


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