Being A Working Equestrian

Ya know, growing up I always wanted to be an adult. Because in my eyes I could sit around and eat cookie dough all day and play with my horses and not do anything I didn’t want to do. (Insert reality check here)

Obviously that is not how my adult life turned out….If only I’d known then!!….. As hard as I’ve tried to win the latest powerball and the occasional lotto those cards are aparently not in my deck so I have to work to support my horsey habit. Do you know how expensive hay is in Washington? YIKES! Hello PBJ for the next few weeks!!!

Now don’t get me wrong I have a pretty cool job but some days (weeks?) I feel  the job I have to afford said beasties actually takes more away from them. There are some days where I literally run out in the pitch black, throw hay, give a scratch or two and run to work. Only to get home in the dark, check to make sure horses are still safe and sound, throw hay and then head to bed and repeat. Or I’m just so exhausted I don’t want to do anything but curl up and sleep.

Now I’ve learned alot at my current job. But seriously do you just HAVE to take time away from my horses??? I mean can I just get a nice 8-4 job that I can clock into and out of right on the dot with a long lunch??? Is that too much to ask???

Oh wait…that would be boring. I can’t do boring. I would be climing the walls within a month….And I wonder why Cash has attention problems in the arena….*sigh* well guess I better stop complaining and go to work. UNLESS there is a rich benefactor out there who reads this and wants to…oh I dunno…support my horsey habits for me? And build me and indoor? and a barn to????….Ok Ok I’ll stop day dreaming. It’s time to go to work anyways.

Keep you heads up my working equestrian friends. It’s worth it in the end!!!

Until Next Time!

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