Back In The Saddle Again!

Jack morning light

So for the last few weeks I have been very quiet and I do apologize for that. Other then a few pictures posted across social media I’ve been quite boring.

I had some very big doubts about my horses and my skills for a while. I took a good fall off of Jack who decided that my working student was terrifying and tried his best bronc action. Which I will admit now that it wasn’t that bad and on a normal day I would have easily ridden it out. But the little stinker managed to catch me as I was adjusting a stirrup and as he bucked towards a tree I decided I’d take my chances with the ground instead of a tree. I ended up landing on a rock and for once I ended up taking my own advice and went to the emergency room to get X-rays. I seriously thought I had broken my hip. Thankfully it was just some serious contusions to the muscles and about 2 weeks later I was good as new.

Now I will admit it has been ages since I was in that much pain after a fall. The only other time it was like that was after I injured my back falling of Cash and for once it wasn’t the fear of riding my horses that was stopping me. It was the fear that if I got injured everything at my house comes to a screeching halt.  I’ve got my working student but I can’t thrust upon her the responsibilities of running my house, feeding animals and working the fruit trees and garden. She’s got a life too. So suddenly I was worried that if I continued riding my youngster, eventually I would end up getting hurt bad enough to where I couldn’t do anything.

It took me a long time to think this through. To realize that in my line of work (so I can feed said horses) I could get seriously injured tomorrow. I don’t have a desk job, or a extremely safe one for that matter. It could all go to hell in a hand basket tomorrow and theres nothing I can do to stop it. So why am I putting the breaks on working my horses for the same reason?

So yesterday I finally pulled on my big girl patines and saddled up Jack. He must have heard me mumbling about selling him because he stood like a champ when he usually tries to dance around a bit. Not a hoof was misplaced. He let me spray him with fly spray, and still didn’t even twitch. I got on and off we went and had quite a wonderful, albeit slow, ride. And I was reminded that a lot of the issues I had were just that. MINE. They aren’t reflected back at me with my horse they are purely what my brain has made up to make me anxious and a bit worried.  The second I took a deep breath and started to forget my worries and just enjoy the ride everything went swimmingly. Other then a few quirks of Jack trying to get treats it was a great experience and one I intend to repeat until it gets to be winter.

So I’m back in the saddle again both literally and figuratively. Be expecting a lot more blog posts now that the boys are both going great under saddle! *knock on wood* I have missed you all, and I do hope you have missed me.

Until next time

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