Boarding Your Horses


Boarding your horses can be a nessesity for those of us who end up moving/living someplace we cannot keep our horses at home. I have been on both sides of the coin. I grew up on a ranch that had boarders and now I have to board. Some people wish to own their own horse property and some are content with boarding their horses. For those of us who have been boarding or are thinking about boarding a horse here are some things to think about.

  1. Check out the facility. Now some people moving cross country, this may not be an option but try to get some current reviews on the place and talk to some current/former boarders if possible.
  2. Look at the horses. Make sure they look taken care of. They are a good weight, their feet are done, ect.
  3. Check the pens. Make sure everything is safe for them! Horses are accident prone. Don’t give them the oppertnity to hurt themselves because something wasn’t safe in their pens!
  4. Talk to the manager!  Make sure to verfy their feed schedule and exactly who will be feeding your horses. There’s nothing more frustrating then realizing what you thought was going to be fed is not what they are getting.
  5. Check arena rules. Some barns have specific rules on when you can turn out a horse/lunge/setup jumps and when there are lessons going on.
  6. Barn Hours: Some places have barn hours. Make sure the barn hours co-inside with your work hours and your not going to be rushed with 30 minuets left until closing
  7.  ASK QUESTIONS! Now I think this is a huge one and I’ll talk more about it below!

Now sometimes there are miscomunications especially when you’re moving to a new place/differnt state. What is normal in one area may not be normal in another. If something doesn’t seem right or if your just confused ask questions! I repeat ASK QUESTIONS!!!!!  Clarify what ever is bothering you! And I beg you please do so in a courteous manner. There’s nothing more frustrating for the barn then having an irate person screaming at them.  The “you draw more bees with honey” saying really works in these situations!

If you don’t want to or can’t talk to them face to face feel free to email it. Depending on the situation it can be good to have something in writing, but again please be courteous.

To go along with this. If you’re at a place that you just seem to be butting heads with, don’t be afraid to find a new place. It can be a pain moving, but there is usually more then one facility in the area. Feel free to check them out to see if they would work better for you.

Now these are just the basics and depending on your sport your needs could have alot more added to the list but for starters this will get you going!


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