Wine, Chocolate And Horses

wine chocolate and horses
All of the horsie persuasion of course.


What better way to enjoy the start of a new adventure and to keep the loniness of leaving family away then drinking wine, eating chocolate and working with horses…not nessicarliy in that order.


Starting new adventures in new places is always nerve wracking and terrifying no matter how exciting an opertunity it is. A new place with new people.  ehh yikes! but its an adventure in and of itself as well. The hardest part for me is always saying “see ya later” to my family. I love my parents to pieces and the time I have with them is so precious to me that it really rips me up inside to have to  leave!  Thank goodness for horse! I’d be a total wreck without them. And a HUGE thank you to my brother! The trip out here would have been horendious if he hadn’t volnteered his vacation days to drive with me!


The boys are now happily settled into their new barn (they even have a new friend! an old TB!) and I’m working on settling into my area. A hotel for now until my house is ready to move into but at least the boys are happy.

The boys all hanging out together
The boys all hanging out together


Today the boys got worked in the new arena! Cash wasn’t to happy with the new arangmens.  He became quite attached to Jack and was more intersted in where Jack was then in paying attention. Luckily there were some nice heavy wooden poles handy he had trot over them. That got him thinking really quickly otherwise he woud have tripped on his face!  I was actually suprised at how attached Cash got to Jack. At home he didn’t seem to mind at all going out by himself. Hopefully once he settles in and realizes that this is home he will not be quite so buddy sour. *keep fingers crossed* Though Cash has never been one to make anything easy on me!



Jack seemed the more mature one today. Who knew a 3 year old could act better then the 7 year old?  I hope the trend continues. I should be riding them very quickly and we will see how their brains are really working here. I can say it is surprisingly much drier here then it was in Colorado!! Who whould have thought.


Well I think I shall finish my glass of wine and a few chocolates and get ready for work in the morning!!


~note~ I apologize for the links instead of videos and the shorter and not quite so informative post. This move has really wiped me out both physicaly and emotionally.  Plus I’m still working from my IPAD. Much harder then I anticipated!!! I’ll be back to normal very soon!!

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