We Made It!!!!


We made it to washington! It was a long haul on the roads but man oh man am I glad to be here and Im sure the horses are too.  This state is absolutly beautiful!!!  Everything is green and cool and just beautiul! And so far not many bugs though that may change as the days roll into summer.

We managed to make it in two days! huzza. My brother and trusty co-piolt helped me out the whole way. Though he did decide to lock me in the trailer one stop as I was giving the horses water and I probably got some very wierd looks as I begged to get out. Geesh brothers. Aparently locking your sister in what ever is handy never gets old.

We stopped for the night in Idaho at a nice horse hotel so the boys could have a break, move around and really get a good drink of water before continuing on to Washington.  The boys were pretty good about drinking water offered in the trailer though Cash had to be the stubborn one and would just beg for treats instead of drinking so I had to leave the bucket in there fore about 10 minuets so he would drink.

We got in at about 8 pm and would have been done about 30 min faster if Cash hadn’t decided he was not getting out of the trailer because he was just gonna get back in (He just loves his mule immitation) Thankful with some persuasion he jumped out. Jack happily backed out and we took them to their paddocks.  After turning them out and letting them move around abit while they introduced themselves to their neighbors I made sure there was no obvious swelling anywhere or limping and headed to a hotel for a good nights sleep.

The boys are settling into their home and recovering from the long trip though Cash rules the roost ( Poor Jack. Ahh well It’s a good character builder)and I’m exploring my new home before I have to go back to work 😀

I do promise to upload pictures to the site! I just managed to forget my labtop at my parents house, don’t ask me how (I always forget something *sigh*) and I can’t figure out how to get my pictures from my phone to my Ipad since the bluetooth doesn’t want to talk to each other….so have no fear you’ll get all the cool pics eventualy I promise! (Check Facebook, I’ll probably get them on there before here)

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