To Send My Horse Out For Training Or Not….

It was relatively recently that I had to decide whether or not to send my horse, Jack, out to another trainer. This was a big struggle for me! I think I’m a competent trainer. I by no means know everything but this was a topic that was a bit sensitive for me.

Jack is literally just beginning his career as he is now three. Now I REALLY REALLY wanted to be the one to ride his first ride. But those first few rides can be really rocky. By rocky I mean full of bucks, rears and various arial feats trying to dislodge you from their back.

I had to sit down and ask myself if I could handle that. I had a pretty serious back injury a few years ago. It’s an injury that has never fully healed (I swear I listened to the doctors advice! all of it…uh huh…right) and I had to ask myself if I could handle the possible rodeo that could happen.Of course my argument with myself went something like this:

“You bet I can!!! Hes a great horse!!!”

“Nope not a good idea…what if I get hurt again?”

“Nah It’ll never happen!”

“I don’t bounce like I used to”

“Thats why your using a western saddle to start!”

“But that ground is really hard these days!”

It was about a solid month of me debating with myself like this!

I finally admitted to myself that putting him in training with another trainer was a good idea. All young horses can and will be unpredictable, like any horse, at any age, really depending on the situation, and it would be best if I didn’t re-injure myself trying to boost my ego. So off he went!

He is now in his second month of training. I must admit I have been fiercely jealous many times with the wonderful updates I’ve been given! So far there has been no grand rodeos under saddle (knock on wood! throw some salt over your shoulder and what ever other superstition you can think of!)  and he has really minded his manners. He has made me so proud to be his owner and my family his breeder!

The timing has worked out that he’s getting his basics down and when I get back home, I’ll have time to ride and generally just get to know Jack again before we make the big move to Washington.

For many people its not as complicated of a situation! Sometimes its just whether or not it’s time for a change. Sometimes we can outgrow our current instructors capabilities or our ideals and our trainers come to a cross roads. Other times it’s just looking for a fresh perspective or what we are thinking of training is just outside our scope of knowledge.

There is nothing wrong with seeking a new trainer, or sending out a horse for training!  Just make sure that you and your new trainer have the same ideals in mind. Don’t be afraid to watch their lessons, and make sure you’re always welcome to come see your horse.

Lizabeth Latham has been fantastic in posting videos of Jack as he’s progressed through training from walking on and near a scary tarp to being sat on for the first time and now conquering the trot. She has allowed my mom to come over at watch her sessions since I am currently in a different state.  As you can tell from the video of the  ride below, she’s done a wonderful job of instilling confidence and trust in Jack. She keeps every thing calm and you can really see Jack figuring everything out! He’s just learning to trot with a rider and I can’t wait to see how he progress these next few weeks!



Thanks Lizabeth for all the great work your doing with him!!!

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