To Koda, The Best Dog I’ve Ever Known!

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My faithful companion growing up! For 14 years you have always been a bright spot at the ranch, even in the darkest of times. You grew up beside my brother and I and always made sure we had fun and were safe. We taught you how to sit, stay and come but you taught us to always be happy because life’s to short to be angry and to love unconditionally to those who matter. You always ran up, wiggle-butt a going, and say hi even if we’d only been gone 5 minuets. You never failed in your duties as a ranch dog and became an invaluble member of the family.

No matter the weather you were always by our side feeding horses and loved jumping up onto koda hay balethe hay so you were the same height as us and could give us kisses and lovings without having to jumping on us. Even at 14 years old when your body was creaky and didn’t want to move quickly you still did it, though not as gracefully.You loved chasing those pesky rabbits, though I don’t think you ever caught one.

You dug me out of snow dritfts when my brother burried me, you’d quietly hide in my room when I snuck you into the house when dad wasn’t looking and you’d happily sit under the porch when he did find you inside. You’d always  say “HI J.D.” to my dad when we asked you to even though you knew dad didn’t like a barking dog. You were happy when mom brought the school bus home so you could eat all the food the kids dropped. You  were there to keep my mom company when I left to start my career and couldn’t take you withkoda school bus me.

You aways greeted everyone who came to the ranch with love and happyness. You roamed the ranch ensuring all was well and holding down the fort when we had to go to town. You have the sweetist heart of any dog I have ever met and when you had puppies you passed it to them and shared your love and happyness to so many families for generations to come!

There will never be another dog like you and you will always be in my heart. I have so many stories to tell and so many good things to say about you I couldn’t write them all down.  I will mourn your passing but I will celebrate your wonderful life and all the gifts you gave me and my family.  You burrowed your way into our hearts where you will forever stay. I love you Koda and I can’t wait to meet you again on the rainbow bridge someday.


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2 thoughts on “To Koda, The Best Dog I’ve Ever Known!

  1. Candace says:

    Oh Darlin’, I’m so sorry for your loss. I know the deep places of the heart that ache so desperately when we lose the animals that we love so deeply. The are no words that console but only time. To have such wonderful memories sure make the celebration of his life and a smile upon the heart last a lifetime. May he always be alive in your heart until you meet him again.

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