To A New Year!

new years eve

Wow, The weather here is finally bright and sun shiny (if only for a moment). Its gotten cold enough to freeze the ground. It’s so nice not to walk through mud first thing in the morning even if it’s only for a few hours.

The boys are absolutly loving the cool air and firmer ground! They say  “What took it so long!”  They are used to the Colorado winters where it has already been snowing and frozen for over month and a half now. They finally arn’t sweating just walking around in their winter coats any more!

New years is finally here!!! I’m planning on starting the New Years off with a bang! Huzzah! Party Time!!!!

Ok, in all reality I’m starting it at home. hahah. No crazy partying for me. Saddly I gotta work, BUT I still get to spend the morning with my beasties and that’s all I really care about in the end. I plan on carving out as much time as I can for my horses this year. That warm horse smell is the only smell in the world that actually relaxes me. It’s a perfect moment in time where everything is right in the world and all I feel is happiness and peace. What is it about horses that just seems to let you forget the world?

On an even happier note. I found an amazing covered arena to go ride in now that is literally right down the road from me! I’ll be able to actually go give the boys some exercise without worrying about them slipping and sliding in all the mud! So get ready for some future posts on training ponies.

The boys are still getting the majority of the winter off though just due to cold and work schedules and that darn daylight slipping away before I can get home. I think I’ve only ridden the boys maybe 3 times in the last month and a half….not that they are complaining haha. They are happy with some treats, food and a good brushing every now and again!

I’m also working on making myself a better rider, and athlete this year by starting working out (check the Rider Fitness page if you want to join). It seems to be working so far. haha. I have an awesome group of ladies motivating me so a huge shoutout to all of you! You are the best!!!

Do you guys do anything different in you riding schedules in the winter? Do you get to ride at all?

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