Time To Party!!!

WOO HOO!!!!!


*satisfied sigh*

Now time to sit down with a cuppa coffee/tea/alcohol (depending on my mood), my little stuffed horse (oh yes this pony’s been with me everywhere…seriously I’m not joking!!) and catch up on some reading!


You expected crazy parties with alcohol induced coma’s and fancy clothes?

Bah hahahaha You make me laugh!

I have 2 horses to support!  I’m lucky if I have enough free time as it is. Even when I’m away from my beasties!

So yes I’m the non-clubbing type, but thats how I like it. Besides I get some great ideas(and relaxation)  just sitting down and reading some good books!

A small sampling of books from my list to read/finish reading:

Workbooks from the Spanish School by Charles Harris

Dressage 101 By Jane Savoie

Equine Behavior: A Guide for Veterinarians and Equine Scientists by: Paul McGreevy BVSc PhD

Biomechanics and Physical Training of the Horse by: Jean-Marie Denoix

I do plan on doing some book reviews…. eventually… as I finish these books. Though to be fair it might take me a bit to get through them so please don’t hold your breath to long!

I mean really there’s only so many hours in the day and I do have to sleep sometime though I must say sleep is highly over rated! Its what coffee/caffeinated products are for!!!  (Besides what horse woman isn’t chronically sleep deprived?? Please introduce me to her if she’s real!!)


party time

(My glorious set up for now! muh hahahaha)

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