The Water Dragons Got Me!

Do you ever have those moments where you suddenly realize why your horse has issues with something say….water? Yep yesterday was one of those rides. It was a moment that clarified that though Cash may be almost 8 now (gosh I can’t believe that!) He is still very much green broke and VERY opinionated.

A friend asked if I wanted to go riding and of course I did. It was a pretty gorgeous day though the wind kicked up about the time I was hooking up the trailer….I should have realized right there this was a bad idea…But hey I’m stubborn and I had people waiting on me so by golly I was freaking going! So I loaded up Cash, swung around and grabbed my friend and headed to the beach where one of her friends met us.

Now the last time Cash has seen the ocean was when we were in California and that has been at least 5 years. Now the key difference between California and here is California’s are not rocky beaches and the surf is WAY stronger. Needless to say the beach was not his most favorite ride there. I conveniently forgot about this. So we start our ride and it’s going pretty well. And then the ocean comes into view and we start walking towards it.

Why did I think I had to put my horses feet in the water….I dunno… It seemed like a great idea at the time. And he had two lead horses to follow so… off we go towards the waves. We actually get in the waves when in Cash’s mind a HUGE wave starts heading his way.  Cash takes this as his cue that the elusive water dragons are trying to eat him and starts jumping waves and water for all he’s worth! (oh yes there is a video below)

Now I’m gonna pause here… You ever have those moments where your watching a train wreck and you just can’t look away? Well I was having one of those moments except I was the train…And it felt a lot longer then about 3 seconds! As Cash was jumping the water he and I parted ways and I hit the water and the rocks. Luckily there was about a foot or two of water between me and said rocks.

The water dragon has swallowed me whole and Cash headed to the closest thing he can…safety in numbers! He goes to the other horses! While I’m fighting for my life, in his eyes, the nice cowboy riding with us grabbed his reins and kept him in the water while I re-emerge from the gloomy depths trying to get as much salt out of my mouth as I possibly can. Needless to say I was drenched to the bone.

Now Cash didn’t freak out any more in the water. I think he figured out he was taller than it and while the water dragon had swallowed me… it had spit me back out so it was alright for the moment.

Of course I couldn’t leave the ride like that. I really do want Cash to get over his fear of the waves and I didn’t want to have confidence issues. So I got back on, shivering n all and with a cringe for the cleaning I was gonna have to do with my saddle off we go down the beach again.

Cash has decided that the water is still scary though it’s not terrifying and we slowly gain confidence in the footing. He still wants to lag behind and in all honesty if I’d have given him the reins he’d have probably happily walked back to the trailer no questions asked. We finally start to trot and then get to a slow lope. Yup he was doing an amazing lope down the beach.

Well of course the riders with me want to lope as well (that’s what you go to the beach at low tide for). Here is where I made a mistake. I let that mare get ahead of us. Anyone who knows Cash knows he HAS to be in the lead. I dunno what it is about him but he just has to win. (I seriously should have raced him. I’d have probably won a shit ton of money)And the race was on. Now the cowboy dropped a water bottle and riding on a cow horse he can quickly stop and turn around. Cash did not like this idea of stopping and decided that he would show his unpleasantness by bucking. Oh yes bucking. And I’m not talking crow hopping… OH NO…I’m talking full on all four feet off the ground bucks!

Now I want to praise myself here. I was smart enough to ride my western saddle though a tad big for me (ok it was my dads that I stole… sorry dad) I managed to keep myself on between sheer power of will and essentially curling around the horn and hanging on for all I was worth. (I did mention I was soaked in water right before this right? Soaked clothes+ wind= lack of fine motor skills…or really any skills at all)Though it didn’t take long before Cash calmed down and all was right…again… in the world. We did ride calmly back to the trailer. Ok I walked the last half mile because the two I was with wanted to gallop the beach and I was just too cold to deal with any of Cash’s tantrums. Walking to the trailer really warmed me up considering I had about ten more pounds added to my feet with all the water and sand in my boots.

Now I also want to add one tiny detail. You know I was soaked to the bone when I got back to my truck I had the sudden realization that I was soaking wet and I had to drive home. Now I get shit from the guys at work (and my family) all the time because my truck looks like a mobile tackroom, minus a saddle (usually). My truck has cloth seats. Wet clothes and cloth seats do not get along! That’s just what I needed to end the day. So with a quick rummage in the back seat I emerged victorious! Cash’s rain sheet was sitting in the back. Rain sheets are water proof! Huzzah!!

So I cranked the heater and off we went to go home. I can say taking my clothes off and sitting in a nice hot bath has never ever felt better! With a glass of wine and a slice of stuffed crust pizza all was well in the world once more!

I have some mighty impressive bruises today that just keep getting better and better as the day has gone on and I’m sure they will be looking like I got jumped in a back alley soon. But hey in the end it was a lesson learned, and now a good story and it was filmed to boot!

Also I had a helmet on and for that I am very,very thankful. While I did land in water I also landed on rocks and my lower back a crossed my spine has the cut and bruise to prove it. It could have been a whole different ride had I not had my helmet on!  Plus it makes a great spot to GoPro from! 😀

Until Next time.


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