The Times Are Changing

I do believe it is time to dabble in a new sport for me. Now don’t go getting all sorts of crazy thinking I’m leaving Eventing. I’m not, just one of my horses is for now. Cash still loves to jump and anywhere but the arena is his favorite place!  It’s Jack that I believe is gonna go in a different direction.

Why do I say this? Well for two reasons actually.

  1. Jack has a fantastic jog and doesn’t really want to jump the jumps if he doesn’t have to.
  2. I think it will be a fun new challenge.

I’ve been wanting to dabble in the world of trail for a long time! And if any of you ever wonder why you should check out the extreme trail here .  I could do it on cash BUT he isn’t really slow enough to take it pay attention on a course like that. Jack on the other hand has an amazing jog. He naturally wants to go slower. His canter is like a rocking chair and I could seriously ride it all day! He really is a more western style horse. Which actually ends up perfect for my husband. To quote the famous words of my father and ones my husband quickly adopted, “I will not ride that pancake saddle!” So a western one is defiantly a good choice.

Jack is also super careful with where he puts his feet. If he goes over poles he’s careful not to hit them. He loves maneuvering around anything I put in the way and will happily step over most of the jumps instead of jumping them. He doesn’t really spook *knock on wood and throw some salt over my shoulder* He will snort and tense and look at something but unless you’re the resident dog he quickly gets over it and walks on. (sorry dogs, Jack really doesn’t like you). If I ask him to jump he will but he never seems to have fun with it.

I can say I’m so impressed with Jack’s mind! He is so much like his mother( Cash’s half-sister) But so much calmer then Cash which really is a nice change to!  Cashes Sire is Ima Benchmark. Jacks half-sister won the worlds in trail so I guess it shouldn’t be to surprising that Jack is headed in that direction as well.

It’s a good thing I’ve kept my western saddles! It’s time to really have some fun with something new. Like I said in an earlier post. Ya never now what a horse is truly gonna excel at until you start working with them. I wanted Jack to be an Eventer but at this moment in time it’s not where his talents seem to be heading. Will I still jump him? Probably but it’s not something I’m really gonna focus on with Jack right now! Apparently Jack really wants to be my husbands horse….not mine….*sigh*

Always keep an open mind with your own beasties! Ya never know what new adventures you can start with them!


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