Thank You….And an Update

Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of posts and comments on my blog, particularly on my post Side Reins. I really just wanted to say a heartfelt THANK YOU for everyone who reads by blog even if it’s only once! I also wanted to apologize for how slow I’ve been in posting new content!

I’m in my final day before I hit the road and I can’t believe how quickly the days have been going by! I swear I blink and the days over. So for those who faithfully read my blog, and those that just pop in  I beg you (really I do! ) hang tight! I’ll be back posting with a vengeance very quickly!!!

And just for an update on Cash and Jack…. They are both doing fantastic! We have managed to somewhat conquer the evil water demons with Cash. He’s still not happy about going through water but he will now trot through it without much preamble(Eeke! Happy dance! )  😀

Just as a quick note: As you can see Cash is going around with his nose pointed out. As of right now I’m not worried about him having his head perpendicular to the ground. I want forward and straight first then I’ll work on getting connection and contact on the reins.  And I finally have my new (ok very old but new to me) Stübben jumping saddle and a County dressage saddle that I will soon be testing out with the Cash-man. Though I must admit I love my western saddles too!


Its only my first few rides on Jack so we are taking it slow. Lots of walk and trot so far. He doesn’t seem to mind the water as much as Cash which is nice! 😀



So have no fear I’m not abandoning my blog! I just wish I could put those hooves to work packing all my stuff! hahaha. Stand by I’ll have lots of fun info and posts about our up and coming road trip to Washington and of course our arrival and continued training!

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