Taking A Moment To Just Be Happy

Have you ever had those days where you just wish you could go back to bed, put the covers over your head and pretend all the crap that happened during the day didn’t happen?

So often it happens in life, work, family and horses that we get so set on goals from getting the blue ribbon at the show to making the deadline at the end of the work day to setting up accounts for retirement and constantly planning for the time in our lives where we don’t have to work anymore that we sometimes forget to take a moment and just be happy. We get so caught up in the pursuit of happiness that we end up letting those little moments that could brighten our days slip away.

One of the reasons I love horses is because they live so much in the moment. They don’t ponder the future any more then where’s the next mouth full of food and trying to get those annoying bugs off their bellies. They may learn to avoid certain things or associate certain items with feelings but they don’t worry about the next time they might see the terrifying bag or if they are gonna have to jump the scary brush jump again.

I always say my horses are my therapists. And I know I’ve posted several meme’s about just that on my Facebook page. There is something about them that just draws you in and lets you know that no matter whats going on it’s ok to them so long as you don’t hurt them.

If you have never taken the moment to just sit down and just hang out with your horses? (ok it might be better to stand depending on the horse) I mean literally hang out with your horses.  Go out to them with no expectations and maybe a treat or two and then just give them scratches, chase the pesky flies away from their bellies and relax with them. Don’t expect perfect stillness. Allow them to nuzzle nibble and investigate your clothes. Don’t reprimand them harshly for anything just gently push them away if they get to rough.  Just relax and be one with the herd.

It’s amazing how quickly my feelings of anger or frustration or even hopelessness just evaporate when I sit like this with the boys. I start to get a feeling of peace and genuine happiness as I watch their silly little antics and find just the right spot to scratch with my finger nails. Their presence just says “everything gonna be ok” if only for that moment.

I honestly believe this is the quality that draws a lot of Veterans to equine therapy places, why kids with autism suddenly thrive in their presence and children with low self esteem suddenly start stepping out of their shells. The horses eyes speak volumes of encouragement  and their presence sets a calm and loving environment.

My challenge to you is just take an a bit of time out of your day. Don’t go ride, don’t even halter your horse just go out in their paddock and relax and love up on them and see how much you can build on just a standing relationship with your horse!  Don’t be discouraged if they walk away at first either. Give them time to realize that your just there to relax to! And if you feel like it check back and let me know how it went!


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