Taken Out By A Tree

Yup you read the title right. A tree and I had a fight and I lost with poor Jack caught in the middle. I want to say first that Jack is one heck of a trooper for being only three years old!

So how did I come to battle a tree you ask…. Well it all started with me getting home and deciding, come hell or high water, I was gonna ride my horses.  So I took Cash out for a small jaunt up the road. He did amazingly well considering he hadn’t been turned out and it was a cool windy day. He only had one tiny meltdown but we rode it out and happily ended up back home. Nothing crazy to write home about. So of course I decide I’m gonna ride Jack now that he is finally over the weird skin thing he had going on, and plus he was giving me the ” Please love me,” look that I just couldn’t ignore.

So I grabbed his halter and a lunge line and I took him out to the driest part of my pasture and made him walk, trot and canter. When he was minding his manners he quickly got a saddle and bridle put on and with a few more laps to make sure he wasn’t gonna go bronc riding I got on!

Everything was going great. Horses in the field a crossed the way were snorting and racing around the pasture and Jack kept calm with just an occasional glance in their direction or to Cash’s frantic whinny’s (He has decided he hates being alone and the cows next to him are not the same as horses). Sine he was being so good I decided maybe we would walk down the road a bit.

In order to get to the road, however, we had to pass by my truck with some scary boxes in the back.  All was going well.  Only a snort or two and we were carefully easing our way past the big scary truck with the terrifying boxes.

It was at this moment the neighbors decided to start up their logging equipment. We were half way through when BOOM a loud and terrifying noise that must be signaling a horse eating monster sounded and must have meant that Jack was in the perfect spot to be eaten! Jack, being the awesome horse he is, just hunkered down with his legs splayed as wide as he could get them. His muscles twitched as he debated running but knew it’s not what he should do with a human on board so he froze.

And that’s when the terrifying boxes decided to move! A flap opened up and waved. That was it. Jack couldn’t just sit still and let what ever monster the boom had signified eat him. He was gonna move out and live to fight another day. So sideways we went fearing to turn out backs to the deadly boxes. It was then that the monster struck.

His spindly arms reached out and grabbed on to Jacks butt and smashed a crossed my back and head (Thank goodness for my helmet). He had found us! Jack wasn’t going to freeze again. He ran even faster sideways escaping the mighty claws of the monster named TREE.

But Alas I had not been so lucky. The mighty swipe a crossed my back was enough to throw me to the side. Jack valiantly tried to keep me in the saddle but there was it was no use. I was to far gone. I hit the dirt and it was thus that the battle with the might monster Tree was lost.

On a more real note. Jack wasn’t sure what to do. He kept bunching up and leaping forward and then freezing like he was having an argument with himself of “We run. Run. Running will save us. But the human is over there so I should wait. Run. Stand. Run. Stand.” Until I managed to get back on my feet after a quick check to make sure everything was in working order. He calmed right down when I started talking to him and stood quietly while I grabbed the reins and lead him towards the once terrifying monster.  It didn’t take long before I could walk him through on foot.  Then in true horsewoman fashion I re-mounted and we tried it all over again.

Of course while mounted it’s scarier for Jack. He said that it’s just evil to have to walk through there without anyone to get eaten first in front of him. But with some coaxing and a lot of soothing words Jack finally conquered his fears and walked through. We did it a few more times each direction to ensure that he wasn’t going to die, before we called it a day.

I am going to have some pretty awesome bruises in the morning, I think, but considering all things the ride was actually extremely successful! The fact that Jack tried to keep me in the saddle just shows how awesome of a horse he really is, and that he didn’t run away after I hit the ground. I’m blessed to have such a good baby!

So after painfully completing the barn chores I am now on my way to a nice hot bath to ease the pains of my fall. Lord knows the ground keeps getting harder the older I get!  I think I also jinxed myself this morning while talking to friend  saying “It has been quite a while since I have fallen off”. FAMOUS. LAST. WORDS.


Until next time!

Oh and as proof, I captured a photo of the man/horse eating tree and the skid marks from the fall…enjoy!


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