Sometimes Ya Just Need Friends Of The Human Variety


My friends are the best. I mean I seriously they are awesome. And I have a pretty diverse crowd so I have had plenty to choose from throughout the years. From people I’ve met at work, neighbors, horse friends and sometimes a combination of both and even some random strangers. Today I was debating on what to post and I was drawing blanks. I mean writers block is a serious thing some days when the wind is blowing and it’s trying to rain and just being a typical grey winter day in Washington.

So I turned to what most people turn to…Facebook…And asked for inspiration ideas, and anything they could possibly think of that I could write about from my friends. I got some great ideas but above all they made me laugh. And sometimes it’s the most simple of things like a laugh with a friend that inspires something to write.

Where would I be without friends? My friends have gotten me through some of the rough moments in my life. They have made me laugh, cry and throw things in anger but they have always been there when I needed them most. Most of them live in different states. They have families and lives of their own but I know if I truly needed something they would be there to help me in the blink of an eye. Andthere are just some things a fourlegged animal cant help with (Sorry :/)

I have let friends go who I thought would be there for a life time. They taught me what they were supposed to and moved on and that was ok. It was hard at the time but it ended up being the right call.  I’ve learned that you can’t keep everyone in your life, but the few who do stay.  They are worth it all. Some are people I never would have dreamed I’d be friends with. We hated each other, saw things from a completely different angle and some of my friends didn’t even have anything in common with me but somehow we’ve gone from acquaintances to life long friends and I’m so thankful for each and every one of them.

I heard a quote the other day “A good friend knows your best stories, a Great friend has lived them with you” and I think it’s so the truth. The closest friends I have are the ones who have been through the grinder with me and managed to laugh our way through it.

Whether it’s in the horse world, work or just everyday life don’t forget the people who were always there for you and stay by your side even in the worst of times. They are the ones who truly matter. Everyone else, well they may be nice but they are like trees in a flash flood. The ones with the weakest roots will get swept away in the onslaught but the older ones. The ones who have buried their roots deep, they are the ones who will withstand and hold you up when everything else seems to come crashing down around you.

Even my new friends, you’re my friends because I see great potential in you…and your just freaking awesome. If I didn’t like you we wouldn’t be friends 😀

So this is a thank you to all of you both new and old who have chosen to be a part of my life and have stuck it out! You are the best! 😀


Until next time!

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