Runaway Horses And A Huge Thank you!

So the boys decided to go on a nice walk about last night after I went to bed.  Apparently one of the boys decided they no longer liked their new pen and ran through all my nice newly strung electric fence (good thing it’s easy to put up) I want to thank my awesome friend who messaged me to ask if my boys were out and a HUGE thank you to the people  who caught them and the lady who kindly held them in her round pen until the daylight hours got light enough to go get them!

Last night before I went to bed I thought about putting the boys in their main pen but since the other one was dryer I was like “One night in here without the electricity hooked up…they’ll be fine!” I should have known better! Just like in my post Taken Out By A Tree  It was Karma and/or Murphy’s law and having had horses as long as I have I should have known better. Some days I swear they make it a point to ensure I know exactly what I did wrong!

So the boys peacefully waited for me to go to sleep before charging through the not quite electric fence and headed off down the road. Thankfully there are plenty of horse people around me and a few of them were kind enough to heard my boys into round pen until I was able to go and pick them up. They are now back in their nice cozy and very secure pen. Needless to say I am so thankful that they didn’t run through the neighbors barbed wire or down the pasture through the old barbed wire I have yet to replace and for the awesome people helped me and my boys.

I do believe it was my trouble maker Cash who decided to charge through the fence, judging by the scrape on his leg and the lack of scrapes on Jack. Since Jack is usually the calm one I think he just followed Cash so he wouldn’t be left alone. It’s just a guess though since I was dreaming sweet dreams.

Theres nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night and realizing your horses are not in their pen and you have no idea where they are. I got lucky because we have an amazing Facebook network here and the lady who allowed them the use of her round pen posted it online so my friends saw it and told me!  Even though I knew my horses were safely corralled in a paneled round pen panic still set in.  Where they hurt? How could I have not heard them leave? Why did I leave them in the stupid unfinished pen? Should I get them now or wait until daylight? Where exactly are they at?…and the list goes on….

It took about an hour to calm myself (it being 2am as it were)to realize that they were safe in a pen, that it would be best to move them in the daylight hours since they would probably be riled up and seriously a few more hours wouldn’t kill the boys away from home. (as much as it rankled not to have them here )so I waited…I got called into work so I hooked up my trailer and took it to work with me. As soon as I could I jumped in my truck and headed to get the boys and about 9:30 am I was finally reunited with them! The cookie monsters that they are knew I had one in my pocket for each of them even though I was rotating between frustrated, relived to see them whole and healthy, and just wanting to get them home so I could forget this happened.

I dunno what I would have done had they gotten injured. BUT I can say having horses loose in the middle of the night is one way to meet all the horse neighbors in the area! I’ve met some fantastic people here lately so while it was a true scare it was also nice to meet all the amazing people who took the time to do what was right by my boys and give them a safe place to stay until I could pick them up. I have such an amazing community around me! I don’t know how to say thank you enough…..So for those who don’t live in this area or this country, try to see if you have any local equine groups on Facebook. Ours here on the island is a fantastic way to meet people, sell tack, talk horse and well just gave a jolly time!

Well I’m off to double-check the boys gates and make sure they are still tucked in for the night in their pens then I’m gonna dig into some cookie dough ice cream and quite possibly a glass of wine before going to sleep tonight. A final THANK YOU to all the people who helped my boys last night!


The boys happily back in their pen with a late breakfast!
The boys back in their pen safe, sound and happily munching a late breakfast!



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