Riding More Than One

Today I wanted to talk about riding more the one horse. I’ve ridden many horses in several different countries (nothing to fancy I swear!) and I can assuredly say with utter confidence that each and every horse is an individual and each and every breed is different, sometimes vastly different, then the other.  Here are some of the reasons I like riding different horses.

  1. Confidence. Riding multiple horses brings a sort of confidence in a rider that can’t be found anywhere else. It’s so easy to get to know the horse your riding, and only the horse your riding, that eventually when you have to switch to a new horse it can be terribly frustrating and aggravating and sometimes terrifying because you only know how YOUR horse works!
  2. Balance: Each horse is balanced differently just like people. Some horses are better to the right, others to the left. Some breeds move more upwards, some more forwards(think Friesian vs TB’s). As a rider you truly learn how to be a balanced rider as you learn to deal with each change!
  3. Better understanding of aids. You will see how the aids work more effectively if your riding an old school master instead of the young horse who’s still learning what each aid means. It’s old hat to the school master, so you’ll have to do them correctly for him to do what your asking. This is where the horse helps teach you instead of trying to learn and teach a horse at the same time.
  4.  Find YOUR weaknesses. Its easy to adjust yourself to compensate for a single horse but when getting on another one sometimes an issue becomes glaringly obvious with you the rider! This was a big one for me. I always had problems with my horse staying straight going to the left (still do sometimes), when I got on two different horses that had the same problem I knew it was me causing it. I naturally put more pressure on my left seat bone. So I found out I was impeding the horses ability to do what I wanted!
  5. You learn your type: Riding different breeds you can really find the horses that you enjoy the most!

I’m sure there are more examples and pointers out there but these are some of the biggest ones that I personally have noticed as I branched out and began riding other horses. Now for those of us who don’t have the ability to own more then one horse but take lessons, try taking a few lessons on that old school master, or ask your friend if you can switch every once in a while! By no means should you go break the bank to find another horse to ride (horses are expensive enough as it is!) but try to add a little change to your routines. It might not seem much right now but as you progress in your sport of choice I believe it really does help everyone become better riders!


Anyone have experienced with riding different breeds? Whats your favorite? (Mine is Quarter horse if you couldn’t tell 🙂 )

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