Product Review: The Dublin Pinnacle Boot

Hey everyone!

Since it;s warming up but the footing is still to bad to ride I thought I’d do a product review on these boots I recently bought.


The Dublin Pinnacle Boot

Price: I think they are rather affordable sitting at about $200 depending on the retailer. Considering the price of other boots in similar lines they are much nicer on the pocket book!

Size: These boots seem to run a tad bit big. I’d say if you’re not planning on wearing thick wool type socks I’d go down about half a size.

Waterproof: Oh yes they are! Between all the snow and rain we’ve had I’ve had these wet all the way to the top and they are completely waterproof so far! My feet have been toasty dry no matter if it was water, snow or muck.

Comfort:  These boots are super comfortable! There was vertically no break in time! I’ve worn them pretty much nonstop since I bought them and haven’t had any rubs or blisters at all! The fact that I can adjust the boot to fit my calf is also a huge bonus for me! I love being able to snug it up and loosen it where I need it! Not to mention the lacings are beautiful!

Durability: I haven’t owned these long enough to really say how durable they are but they seem to be well constructed and I think as long as they are oiled occasionally they should hold up very well! I’ll update this when I’ve really had them a while!


I must say I’m absolutely in love with these boots so far! They’ve worked great during our monsoons and snow storms recently here in Colorado and I’m sure they will be really tested when I get to Washington. So far I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a stylish boot that is comfortable and can be used in the barn, riding horses and out in town!



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