Post Christmas Love And A Few New Critters

Theres nothing like waking up the day after christmas all fat and sassy from the christmas meal and going out to see happy horses! They seriously make my morning.  So I drink my morning coffee and watch the last of the full moon disappear before the rooster starts crowing and its time to head out to feed….wait rooster?… yup thats right! I have added several new critters to my family. The rooster is a very happy boy.
He was the lowest in the pecking order at a friends house with three other roosters in a small flock and I was lucky enough to suggest if they ever needed to get rid of one my hens would love a “man” around the house. Well they were more then happy to send him on his way to his own harem of hens.

Needless to say they settled right in and without a single feather ruffled they bonded and now enjoy waking up the neighbors! hahah.
Rooster n hens     rooster

Enter next new members. Two lovely cats affectionately known as “Ghost and Cali” I bet you can’t guess which is which? They are awesome little kitties who are still not quite sure of the new living arrangements but I think before long they will be out hunting mice in no time! Cali is finally coming out and getting lots of loving and exploring the place. She’s a little ninja in her own right and silent as it gets but she’s a total lover. Ghost is still sticking to his name and seems to be enjoying the night life more then any other, though he is not nearly so subtle as his sister. Apparently he relies on brute strength instead of cunning intelligence. haha.

cali         ghost


My little piece of paradise is getting better every day! Though Cash and Jack say the chickens are terrifying (at least thats there excuse after so many days off) and use them as an excuse to go running and bucking around the pasture.


cash n jack napping     muddy ponies

As many of you have probably noticed I haven’t been posting a lot about riding or working my boys lately and honestly I cans say it’s because I haven’t really had the time to work them. My work schedule has really ramped up lately and with trying to get everything set up here at home they have kind of taken the back burner for the moment. I feel this is not a bad thing for the boys. They still get brushed and groomed, turned out and loved on BUT they are getting time to be just a horse.

For horses that are so constantly ridden and worked with most of the year I really do think horses need time to decompress and just be a horse for a while. Especially the young horses. I love having horses that are mischievous and have that spark in their eyes when you go take them out and I feel at least a month or two off in the winter (or longer depending on where you live) is not a bad idea! Now I don’t thing this means leave them in their stall. Horses are meant to move and graze so keeping them paddock ridden might actually backfire, but if you have some place to turn them out and let them be I think its a fantastic idea. I think they enjoy it and they really do seem eager to go back to work after some time off. I think its like us with a vacation. Sometimes we just need to sit back, relax and do nothing for a while before we are ready hit the road again.

Well I do believe I’m gonna go cook up a brunch of leftover ham and fresh eggs…I managed to get a workout in first thing this morning before I even fed the horses! Huzzah…christmas pounds you won’t cling to me 😀  So now I won’t feel nearly so bad about those cookies last night! (Cash and Jack won’t be able to complain about me either!!)


Until Next time!

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