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Cash trail
The best sights are seen through a horses ears


I am so so proud of the boys! This weekend marked a huge mile stone! We went trail riding for the first time since getting to Washington!

The hubby and I grabbed the boys and on a whim trailered out to a local horse trails.( I did attempt to get my hubby to wear a helmet but he’s choose not to wear one)It started out a bit rocky. The boys saddled up just fine and I was only slightly worried how they would react to a new place so we headed out! Of course about 100 feet from the trailer we saw a very scary power center thingy that happened to be humming. The boys decided that it was to scary to continue. They didn’t do anything crazy like whirl around and beat feet back to the trailer, but they were also adamant that they were not going to move one hoof in its direction. So we both had to dismount and walk them by it. They were sure there was a lion hidden inside and somehow by being between it and them we would shield them should it choose to attack (but weird, it wasn’t so scary going home….hummmmm)

dan and jack walking trail

We walked for about a quarter of a mile before the boys settled down and we got back on. When we finally managed to find the trail head(I knew I shoulda grabbed the trail map but it wouldn’t have been as fun of an adventure)  it was so nice to get out of the blazing sun! BUT awaiting us in the shade was another terrifying obstacle….trees….undergrowth…scary moss…and more trees!

The boys grew up in colorado and with the exception of Cash riding through some river crossings with trees when he was in California with me, they have never been in such an enclosed, shadowy space. There was tones of shadows and scary birds chirping and just weird sounds. So we decided to dismount again and lead them on a while so they understood it was alright. Best decision ever! This really seemed to calm down both boys and get them thinking forward. Not having to kick them and force them to go on, but walking with them and showing them that everything was indeed alright really did set them at ease.  Again we walked for probably another quarter of a mile and the boys stopped their snorting and began moseying  down the trail like old pros. We mounted back up and continued on and the boys didn’t put a hoof wrong the rest of the ride!

Other then having to slow down so Jack could catch up(Cash’s stride is just a tad bit longer to say the least) both boys were AMAZING! It was the first time my husband got to ride his horse(He’s head over heels in love with him by the way) as well as one of the first times Jack has really been out on the trail and he didn’t even think about spooking! He was defiantly not quite brave enough to lead or get out of line of sight of Cash but he handled it like a champ!  No bucking, bolting or spooking! Just some snorts and for a while he was stuck to Cash’s butt like velcro but after a while he seemed not to mind….or just got tired enough he didn’t care about keeping up…either way he kept his level head! Cash fell into his old groove, and other then being a wee bit sensitive to the rocky trail he was loving life. He even tried to nuzzel treats out of a stranger that was walking his dog.

Dan and Jack

We only road for about an hour an a half over all due to Cash being a bit sensitive to the rocks and I didn’t want to stone bruise him but it was such a good ride! Both my hubby and myself were so excited at how well the boys were. And I think I’ve lost Jack completely to the Western world. Dan says he’s to good to go english (his words not mine!) so I think I might just have to humor him(I did mention somewhere that I bought Jack for my husband right???) ….not to mention Jack seems to like the western world more right now.

I think all four of us needed that outing. For the boys it was good for them to stretch their legs and see new things and just build on the solid foundation of trust I’ve been working with them. I got to relax with my hubby and other then having a fun ride there was no agenda what so ever. The only casualty on the whole ride was my sunglasses….someday I’ll learn to get those neck straps so it doesn’t fall off my shirt….*sigh*

I’m such a proud momma at how well my boys handled the outing! *happy dance* I can’t wait to get back out there.

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