My Horses

I must start with my lovely boy Cash. He is an 8 year old quarter horse that got the nickname cash the night he was born. My father looked at him and said “he looks like Johnny Cash dressed in black”, and the name has stuck ever since. He is quite the character and has never fully understood he was gelded. He is a constant test of my abilities to train but he is defiantly a joy to ride when all is going right!

young cash

Jack is a 4 year old quarter horse who is a nephew to Cash. He is just being started under saddle and literally beginning his career. It is unknown yet whether he will excel and love eventing but so far so good! He’s a wonderful boy who’s personality is really blossoming now with constant love and attention. And he may be getting spoiled just a tad to. He seems to be excelling in the dressage area, and he’d kill it in cutting regardless that he’s about 16 hands now and I think he’d LOVE trail classes so we shall see if he ever decides to jump. I may have to learn how to do some western sports with him.

yearling jack

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