Monday’s and that warm horse smell

What is it about mondays that just seem worse then the rest of the week? It’s harder to wake up(snooze button anyone??)…. a pot of coffee must be downed before any sort of motivation starts running though the body…And people just seem more annoying then usual to deal with.

I’m lucky in the fact that I get to work with dogs at work so if people annoy me to much or just piss me off and I fear I’m gonna do something stupid I just grab my puppy dog and head out to train by myself.  But it still doesn’t make Mondays any easier.

After a long Monday of dealing with some really annoying and frankly stupid people I just want to go home, grab an alcoholic beverage (usually wine) and watch some netflix or amazon prime. (I’m to cheap for cable/satellite)  But some days I get home and I’m just restless and I today decided that even though its a day off for the boys I really just wanted to go see them.

As I pulled up and hopped out of the truck with a pocket of treats I got to see Jack and Cash’s excited faces begging for a treat. I grabbed the Cash-man. ( sorry Jack but I’ve known him longer)  Toss on a saddle and bridle, throw caution to the wind and head out to explore the roads.  Yes roads. With traffic. And Cash surpassed all my expectations.

Oh and I might add you know I been hitting the gym when I go to get in the saddle and over compensate as Cash walked away and almost threw myself over the other side. Luckily noone was there to see that near mishap! haha.

Cash was a bit of a lookie loo but if I asked him to trot he gladly picked it up and off we went. Cars whizzed by us, the occasional one slowing down to look for the kids in the back or just to be curious but most of them couldn’t care one way or the other. Cash would flick his ears but happily move to the shoulder. He didn’t even try to steal a bite to eat. (gasp in shock)  There was one really scary hedge but he kept his calm and carried on though a bit tense until safely passed it. \

He was a perfect gentle man ( I’m still a bit skeptical…who’s been feeding my horse chill pills???)

Theres nothing like jumping off and getting that huge wiff of warm horse. Don’t get me wrong horse smell is great but warm horse smell is 100 times better!!! If I could bottle it up and take it with me to work to calm me down I seriously would. I’ve attempted taking hoodies completely soaked with warm horse smell and slobbers but it doesn’t seem to have the same effect, not to mention the weird looks I get from the guys at work when I carry it and inhale into it repeatidly.(I’m pretty sure they’ve contemplated a drug test or two)

After making up some beat pulp and the boys grain rations I just sat and listened to the boys munch happily on their goodies. (Jack forgave me for leaving him at this point) I was covered in horse slobbers, dirt and was completely at peace. The sun even highlighted the boys in a light halo like they were my personal angels and for a moment I was perfect.

These are the moments I seriously love. Where no matter whats going on in my life that moment is the picture of calm and relaxed and happy. Those of you who have horses and have spent any time near them know what i’m talking about. It’s as if the weight is lifted off your shoulders and your soul feels light and everything past and present doesn’t matter. Just that moment. It’s so easy to breath and just BE.

These moments are what keep me going and why I’ll never give up my horse lifestyle addiction.

Needless to say it was a perfect ending to a hectic Monday.

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