Mares Vs. Geldings

My mare Shay meeting her son Cash for the first time since he was weaned.
My mare Shay and her son Cash

Mare…gelding….mare…gelding….which one to choose? Which one is better?

Such a hard decision for many people!

Mares are reputed to be stubborn, opinionated and especially evil when they are in season. (Interesting the guys I work with say the same things about their wives and girlfriends!)

Geldings are reputed to be gentle, level headed and over all easier to handle. (These people have obviously never met Cash!! hahah)

This is a hotly debated topic throughout the horse world and I don’t foresee the end anytime in the next millennia. I must admit there is some truth to these reputations but sometimes people base too much on these reputations when looking for a good horse!

So what do I prefer?

I must say, even though I own two geldings, I actually much prefer mares. I think part of it is because I just feel a bit closer to them being female myself but the other part is being able to breed them should I choose to. I’m sure being raised riding mostly mares didn’t help my bias much either. Many of the mares I rode where great horses. Did they have their off days? Of course! Have they been excessively over bearing and over emotional? Not that I’ve noticed. I’ve met a mare like that and in fact my parents own one. Unless you’re my dad she tolerates you but she doesn’t like you. Though she happily does anything and everything my dad wants, if I asked for the same thing I’d get the attitude for sure! But the majority of mares I have ridden are very good and very responsive despite their hormone changes.

I must say my plunge into the gelding world was a bit of an accident.  I never meant to have only geldings to ride but sometimes that’s how things fall and I don’t have anything really negative to say about the geldings. They have been an interesting and new twist in my training program! Are they level headed and easier to handle? Jack maybe. Cash defiantly not!  But I have known geldings who are very much the ideal gelding. For me personally I don’t prefer that. I like a little spunk and spark with all my horses mare or gelding.  Are they easier to train and handle? I really can’t say that they are as a whole. For the most part I’ve met horse that were individually harder to figure out, but as per mare or gelding its been about the same.

Now the question is do I have an answer for the topic? 

Not one that I can plausibly say will be fool proof. I know what I prefer as a rider but I also know that each horse is special and my geldings might take me farther then I’ve ever been before.  So I must say it really is up to rider preference and what is available at the time!

I know, I know this probably didn’t help you at all but hopefully it gave you something to think about! 😀

Do any of you prefer mares to geldings? Why?

Let me know in a comment below!!

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