Let The Jumping Begin



Wow, I forgot how much moving is a pain! I swear about as soon as I think I have everything I need to live comfortably I remember about 10 other things I need. My pocket book does not apprecate this either…but it’s still fun to get to redecorate hehehe.

But onto the ponies because I know thats who you really came to read about. So as my title implies the jumping has started!!! It really is fantastic. I’ve missed it so.


Well I shall start with the Cash-man! Mainly because he’s the jealious type and I end up having to work him first anyways. lol.  So because both my horses and I have had a hiatus for a while from jumping we are starting small. Cash is just finding his natural balance


What I mean by that is, I’m not putting his head anywhere and I’m giving him the full reins to do with as he pleases. By doing this I’m allowing myself to learn to ride more back to front as I tend to hang onto the reins a bit and cash is learning to carry himself independantly and not lean on the reins to do stuff. Needless to say there are moments when we both look really funny!


So back to jumping. I’ve started him out with just a small cross rail on one side and trot polls on the other side of the arena. That way I can pop the jump and then get him focused and listening on the other side so we don’t do a mad dash around th arena. We have not had this problem but I think it helps keep them thinking and not anticipating the jump 😀

Oh and I should mention I do this on the lungeline for the first 5-10 minuets before I get on and ride him. He’s been doing fantastic ridden! He’s still a bit unbalanced jumping with me on him but he’s getting it! I usually only jump him about twice in each direction if they are clean before I ask for a good whoa (gotta have my brakes) and end the session. Theres no point in rushing him through gymnastics when he’s not ready. As his balance and foot work improves we will increase the dificulty of the exercise!


Now onto Jackson!  Jack is doing great as well. Though I must admit he’s adjusting a bit more slowly to washington. His mind is still engaged and every thing but he does seem to have a bit more sensitive skin and does tend to get sore a bit more then Cash did at his age so we are definally going a bit slower. (maybe being bottom run of the boys doesn’t help either) But I don’t mind going slow anyways.  A good foundation is always the place to start!

Jack is learning to jump the crossrails as well. Though he’s only jumping them on the lunge line at the moment. While Jack knows his natural balance point due to his awesome start in training, he is learning where to put his feet  and exactly how to jump somthing infront of him. He’s learning to be brave to!  He dosen’t require me to lead him over anymore either but he’s still not sure about the jumps.  When I ride him we are just doing some ground poles and working on balance from the trot to the canter. He is not getting ridden everyday like Cash. Since he is a bit more sensitive I think it benifits him best if he alternates days on the ground and days in th saddle.

I also rode him in an english saddle for the first time yesterday! *happy dance*  He did think it was wierd to start with a few sideways glances and a couple snorts but then he settled right in. Have I mentiond he has a fantastic brain??


Anywho I have to go get ready for that evil thing called work! (ok not so evil because I do have a dog to work with at work. But STILL)

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