Learning To Be An All Weather Rider

Alright….I’ll admit it…I have been spoiled as a rider. For the majority of my life I have thought I was a tough rider. I’ve ridden in sleet and snow. Rain and shine and everything in-between. I thought I was tough….and then I moved to Washington.

*Insert reality check here*

Ok while I have ridden in some bad weather I can say that for most of my life I have been pampered. In Colorado we have some awful weather sometimes, blizzards torrential downpours and everything in between but it’s mostly brief. A bad week here, a few iffy days there, and then its back to sunshine. This is most assuredly not the case here in Washington!

I have gotten spoiled here by arriving in summer time. It was primarily 70 something degrees, sunny and warm and perfect all around for riding….now we are in fall and here is the real Washington weather. It’s over cast, cool, boarding on windy and rainy. It is so hard for me to find the motivation to get through work much less saddle up and figure out a training plan for the day/week for the boys.

I will admit I have not ridden nearly as much as I should lately either. It doesn’t rain badly here but it’s just enough to make me want to curl up on my bed, read a book and be lazy. I have tried energy drinks, coffee, pep talks and plans for a wonderful ride only to loose motivation the second I step outside.

Who knew something as simple as sunshine could be taken advantage of! Geesh. I must dig out my warm clothes I wore on my trip to Ireland and find that illusive motivation.

The boys on the other hand don’t seem to have the problem I do. They are quite happy and other then annoyed with the mosquitos and flys that have made an appearance in the last few weeks, are more then eager to go out and do anything. Is there a way to siphon up their motivation and inject it into me?

The weather won’t be getting any better so I better grab that thermos of coffee suck it up and get out in the saddle. I have to stop making excuses as to why I don’t want to ride (like getting my saddle wet) and just enjoy being able to ride!

I’m a horsewoman! I will not let something as silly as weather deter me no matter how much my body thinks I should give in and drink a hot chocolate by the fire. I will be an all weather rider!…….Starting tomorrow *shifty eyes as I slowly sneak out of the room*

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