Jack Is Coming Home!!!

YAY! Jack is coming home today!! And while we are getting swamped out here with large quantities of rain I am so excited to have Jack home even if I can’t ride him for a while!

He’s been doing fantastic in his training. He now knows how to pick up the walk trot and canter under saddle and some basic turn on the forehand and haunches. And while he has lots to learn from here he’s doing so well I can’t help but bounce in excitement.

What really surprises me is how similar he is to his uncle Cash. Their personalities are so similar it’s scary sometimes. Thankfully he’s not as excitable as Cash but their reactions to pressure are nearly identical. They both are very much “ask nicely” kind of horses. If you try to tell them or make them do something it can turn into a very very big fight very quickly.

But they both have loving personalities that make up for their bit of feistiness.

Well this is gonna be short and sweet as I gotta get ready to go pick up my beastie! Updates will be coming soon so stand by for some pics latter on today! 😀

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