How To Make Your Own Cavaletti’s Without Breaking The Bank!!!

Like any working equestrian I have a very limited pocket book. Since I’m operating out of my own place I don’t have any fancy equipment and upon looking online I quickly realized how expensive something as simple as jump standards and Cavaletti ends are, not to mention the poles to go with them.

Obviously I cannot afford to buy enough of those to make it worth it…ok I probably couldn’t even afford one set of standards SO I decided to attempt making my own Cavaletti’s. Now let me just say that there are fancier probably longer life spanned Cavaletti’s out there but for about $8 a piece I managed to make my own that work just perfectly for now!

*Some notes here*.

The 2X4 pieces I’m using I got for free at my local feed store. At least here in Washington a lot of the feed stores set out a “junk” pile that usually includes pallets, blocking and all sorts of goodies. So I swing by and pick up any usable wood I can find. However if your stores do not A long board at home depot runs about 7 dollars and you can get enough two foot sections to make one Cavaletti and if I remember right they were about $8 dollars for pressure treated wood.

The poles I’m using are 3-4 inch 8 foot fence posts since I prefer round to square poles.  I tried to find the standard 10 foot but I couldn’t without paying about $20 or more a pole and having them shipped to me. As of right now those poles run about $6 a piece and were the most expensive piece in the whole thing.

I’m using 4 inch screws and 3 1/2 inch nails.

Once I got it down a system down I can build one in about  5 minuets or less and they are working great so far! 😀  I will eventually try to get a better video for you guys but it was just me so I only had my phone! If you have any questions at all please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them!

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