How To Incoperate Horses Into Rider Fitness (And I’m Not Talking About Riding Them)

Rider fitness is one of the most talked about things around this time of year and rightly so. It’s a great time to work on new years resolutions. When most of the country can’t ride much due to weather it’s a perfect opertunity to work on ourselves. (And maybe some not so well kept resolutions)

I am one of those that hands down belives fitness increases the ability of a rider. It only makes sense. The more fit you are, the more balanced and muscle control you have, the better rider you are. But I also think that you don’t have to do the prescribed “eat salads and work the eleptical for an hour” kind. It’s too boring for me and I happen to love food so while a salad is delicious  I prefer actually hearty meals too. But food is for a later post. Right now I want to talk a bit more about rider fitness and how to incoperate it with your horse without actually riding them. *gasp*
WHAT? what do you mean not riding them…..Well it actually quite simple you see….IF you live where there is dry roads you now have a jogging partner! Who needs a dog when you have a horse??? Seriously my boys love it and sometimes they get to snorting so much and prancing (Jack I’m talking to you)  I start laughing so hard it hurts to run….Plus if you push yourself to hard you can ride them home!!! Double win!!! Don’t belive me???  video proof BAM!!


Don’t have time to go running or the weathers too bad then check out my workout for when your feeding hay HERE!

Have you ever tried mucking stalls out in the winter time?? If you don’t think thats a workout you are crazy!!! I won’t even get into what it’s like pushing a loaded wheel barrow up a  muddy hill here. But if you wanna really blast it, sprint up the hill with said wheel barrow.

Moving bags of grain? Do some over head presses with those feed bags or just try walking on the ice and not dropping them!

Horses kick down some boards?  Do some lunges and squats with the boards as you move them!

If you put some effort into your daily chores you can add an extra kick to what your already doing without adding a bunch of extra time. I love making time in the mornings for my actual workouts but I know work and life can get in the way and I still want to work on me so I try to add a little here and there to those pesky chores.

I will be doing some more fitness videos and blogs in the future just to keep everyone entertained by my workout shenanigans but in the mean time, if you are wanting to get back on track or just need motivation I have an amazing group of ladies (men are welcome too) who are starting a month of workout/healthy eating challenges. It costs nothing at all to join but if you want to be eligable for the awesome prizes you do have to donate to the prize pool. You can be as active or not as you like. There is gonna be some healthy recipies to share and use as well as workouts and just good ol’ motivation from a bunch of people looking to get fit, stay fit and just feel better about themselves (and their horses like it to. I know mine do)

“Frolicking in February” starts febuary 1st and runs through the 28th. It’s a closed group on facebook so it doesn’t matter what state your in you can participate! If you’d like to join all you have to do is message me or post on facebook and I’ll add you to the group!

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration to add a little something for yourself during your daily routine to keep you healthy and going strong so you can ride your beasties for years to come. (and hopefuly a laugh or two as well)  If you don’t find a workout you enjoy then you won’t continue to do it and what’s not fun about adding your horse/horse chores into it?

We focus so much of our energy into our horses and their nutrition and fitness, that we deserve just a slice of time for ourselves too!!

Until next time!

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