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“Bens Jack Of Hearts”
A.K.A Jack


Jack is a 2012 Registered AQHA Bay gelding sired by “Imma Benchmark” and out of “Nifty Laredo Rose”. Jack had his initial 30 days training done last spring in Colorado where he was a super star! He was ridden around Colorado before heading to Washington with me. He quickly adapted to this tree covered place and happily packed me and my ex-husband (a rather non-horsey person) around the trails.

I believe he would excel in the trail world due to his movements and how his brain works.  His half-sister won the worlds in trail a few years back and he really could follow in her hoof prints. While I can push him faster he always defaults to a nice slow western jog and an easy lope and is always watching where he’s putting his hooves. He’s super careful and tries not to touch poles or logs when he can. He’s a horse that loves a challenge whether it be figuring out new obstacles I’ve put out or getting walk to canter transitions. He’s got a halt to die for that could easily be moved into a slide. He loves herding around my chickens, cats and any creature he can get to move so I think he’d take to cows like a fish to water. Jack is a horse that loves a challenge so if you think you’d like to do dressage with him, he naturally sits on his but so would learn the movements quite quickly if taught with patience and kindness. He has been learning how to go over some jumps and at liberty can clear a 2’6 fence with ease, though is still figuring it out under saddle.

I’m currently teaching him how to handle swinging ropes and such over his head so that if someone wants to move cows with him he will have the general idea of what to do. If I have him by next summer I’m hoping to introduce him to cattle to see how he does.  Jack quickly adapts to new places and doesn’t seem to mind riding in new rings as long as he’s given a moment to look around. If you’ve taken the time to become “his human” he will happily hang out with you regardless of where you are, even if its just doing chores!

I have ridden him english, western and treeless. He is currently going nicely in a KK ultra loose ring snaffle and occasionally a bitless bridle.  If you have any questions please feel free to message me at anytime either here or on my Facebook page. If you’d like to see how his mind works please check out the videos on my Facebook page as I have many liberty sessions uploaded. If you want to see how he moves on the lunge line and riding you can check out my video on youtube below.

Price: $4000