Fencing…Oh The Struggle Is Real!

Some days the struggle is real! I’m not talking about getting out of bed. I’m talking about the great debate of riding my horses vs. doing the laundry list of chores I need to do around my mini-ranch.  There are days when the weather breaks and it’s finally not raining and almost sunny out. I have to buckle down, give the boys a pat and a treat before reaching for the tools and heading to do some much-needed work around the place.Fencing 3

The worst part about winter is having to choose one over the other due to weather and light restrictions. Seriously, if I had been boarding my horses it wouldn’t have been even close to a debate. I would have been at the barn saddling up and getting ready to go but now having the beasties at home I have to decide what’s best for them. That hour ride or taking the day and getting a pasture fence re-done so they can be safe all summer long… *sigh* Let me grab the tools and my gloves.

I decided to start tackling the barbed wire fence that rings the majority of my pastures. I refuse to keep barbed wire where I have my horses. Bad things always happen when it’s around.

Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE manual labor and that’s not sarcastic. I seriously love doing stuff that makes me feel accomplished at the end of the day but I sincerely HATE barbed wire.  It’s a royal pain in the ass to deal with regardless of what you are doing with it!

fencingNow as I started this task I learned something, thanks to my wise father. Fencing Pliers are the BEST invention for anything fence wise! So a quick jaunt to the farmers supply and I was all set to get rocking.  Once I remembered how to use them I was golden and they made the whole job easier!  I  won’t mention how many times I caught it on my pants, hoodie, hair (don’t ask) before I finally figured out a system.

Oh yes! There is a system to taking barbed wire fence down. Now this fence is old, rusted and ill-maintained and put up on the wrong side of the posts. My dad happily pointed that out when I sent him the picture. so there was no taking one strand down at a time. Oh no, that would have been too easy.  I have to take all the strands down together. Why? Well the nice fence stays (the twisted wire pieces that you see in-between posts) that keep the fence straight and from tangling if it loosens a bit and helps with keeping proper tension…. yeah they are all rusted on.

Now about the time I got my nice system down and was in the groove of pulling staples and undoing t-post clips, I took a deeper step into the ditch…It’s full of water if you didn’t notice from the pictures….and I found out my waterproof boots are no longer water proof all the way up. My left boot began to fill with icy cold water. It wasn’t a gush either. It was a nice slow trickle so I could feel my socks slowly getting soaked.

I began to wonder for probably the umpteenth time why I thought this was a good idea on such a beautiful (for washington) day. OH YEAH…the boys will love it. So I kept going, until I stepped a tad deeper and my right boot began to fill with water. *Really Big Sigh*. I WILL stick it out! Only 17 more fence posts to go!

Have you ever had cold feet? Soaking wet cold feet? Yeah well 2 more fence posts in and my fencing beachhands were deciding to join my feet with the icy debacle going on. I sat down and tried to pretend I was sitting in the nice Caribbean ocean and that I was toasty warm! To my surprise it actually worked. For a grand total of 30 seconds. Before my brain kicked in and told me adamantly that it was tired, cold and “no you will not get one more staple out because you won’t be able to hit you pliers with the hammer to get behind that very stubborn staple that is refusing to come out.”

I tried desperately for about more 5 minuets. When I had a decent hole around everything BUT the staple I decided to call it a day and go put the boys back in their pen.

They had gotten a temporary expansion to their big pen so they could graze while I worked on temp expan penthe fence because they were giving me the “please the grass is so green” eyes. So they got to graze under the little orchard while I struggled, cursed and wondered what I was doing. I’ m sure they got a good laugh at me but I will get that fence done… Eventually!!

Until next time!

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