Eggnog And Cleaning Tack

eggnog and cleaning tack

Oh yes I have gone there! I did not mean to go there but I officially have taken the plunge into the holiday cheer, red candy cane cup included (thanks mom) and Eggnog. Now before everyone rolls their eyes and tells me how could I just ignore the much closer holidays, I must admit that I did not mean to but I just happened to be shopping and as I went to get my milk I just so happened to notice the glass bottle filled with eggnog….I started to walk away…it is before halloween… I could not just indulge in such a christmasy drink! As I walked away I began to remember how long it’s been since I had good eggnog! (well over 2 years I might add)  and I couldn’t help myself…I doubled back and grabbed a bottle. Because really who can ignore such deliciousness?! It really does seem to help with the task of cleaning my tack!

It really is a task. I’m seriously not the best keeper of my leather items. I have gotten much better as I’ve gotten older but somehow I always forget to wipe down my tack after a ride and then I swear I blink and several months go by and I look at my saddles and suddenly see all the dirt and sweat I need to clean.

Today I decided to buckle down and clean some of my most used items.  I grabbed my now very cold eggnog (and possibly a finger or two…or three… of bourbon *ahem*) and started the task of scrubbing that tack!

It keeps my mind off the other things…like what could possibly be wrong with Jack…*sigh*…now before anyone leaps to conclusions he is not injured! But he did decide to give himself some really nice dime size welts down his neck and back. We have yet to figure out what caused them (though Mr. Stinging nettle you are high on my list of suspects) but other then being slightly itchy he is in good health. I just can’t put a saddle on him at the moment.

Cash is enjoying this lovely cool weather a little too much. I swear his energy level has spiked from athletic quarter horse to maniac Thoroughbred in about the span of 3 weeks.  I knew those TB’s way back in his bloodline would make an appearance! All this energy has definally made riding a lot of fun though hectic all at the same time!  Suddenly everything is much more scary in this treed land. But he’s still doing really well.

So I apologize for not having anything of great interest to post for you all this last week. Between work, monitoring Jack and riding Cash I haven’t had tons of time to sit down and just write! But have no fear I am working on some great posts for ya’ll!

Now I do believe that bourbon is kicking in and it’s time to top off my eggnog and go take a relaxing bath before going off to bed. I hope you all have a wonderful night!

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