Dealing With Setbacks

Have you ever had those times when it feels like set back after set back happens? Like the world is against you and somehow you missed the cosmic sign that you shouldn’t do something and yet you forge ahead.

These times are very very hard to over come and not get down in the dumps. When motivation to do anything seems lacking. Well I have had one of these months but looking at the latest set back I’ve had, I finally came to a realization.

Set backs happen. They are an annoying and frankly down right infuriating sometimes but after each setback there is another step forward. Sometimes we get so caught up in the setbacks that we forget to see the progress we have made.  Many times in our endeavors whether with our jobs and especially with our horses we focus on how far we still have to go and forget how far we have come.

Lately I’ve been getting so frustrated on the latest change in my life. (I’m not mentioning it yet so I don’t jinx it at the last moment…but have no fear you will now very soon I promise) And I realized that no matter how much longer it has taken I am almost to my destination. It was not the smooth sailing I had anticipated. But ya know what I’m almost to the finish line and it’s ok!

How many times do we do this with our horses? We drill and drill and drill a technique, a new exercise, a new aid, and our horse doesn’t get it. Or they get it one ride and seem to completely forget it the next. Some days it feels like we are spinning in a circle and not making any headway because we are looking for that perfect score at our next show or that amazing ride we dream of and we forget to look at how hard our horses are trying.

We forget that they are learning just as much as we are. That we are not infallible and neither are they. Some days they just have bad days and some times they have great days and no matter how hard the road there is always an improvement somewhere some days we just have to look for it

For anyone having one of those times please stay strong. If it’s with horses feel free to reach out and ask for help. Sometimes it’s the most obvious things that we don’t see until someone points it out.

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