Best New Grooming Tool: Hands On Gloves

It isn’t very often that I come a crossed a new type of grooming tool  that I like. Most ideas have been tried and done before with just a slightly different shape or material. Well, I just found my newest most favorite grooming tool ever. Cash AND Jack both enthusiastically agree. They are called Hands On Gloves and they are AMAZING! (I do have a video using them on Cash’s muddy butt, but for some reason my phone and computer refuse to talk to each other. One of these days I’ll invest in an iPhone so all my electronics will all talk to each other!)
hands on gloves
You put on these gloves and they have all the grippies of normal plastic groomers but they are on your fingers and palms. I can groom the boys in the most odd of places that I can’t reach normally with a brush or a good scrubber. (Like cash’s favorite of right between the chest muscles or the crease of the leg and chest)  I can carefully get around the boys eyes, ears and all around those weird places on the face and the boys just LOVE IT!  I haven’t seen my horses give me the “oh oh right there….oh please don’t stop scratching” looks so much before. The fact that they are shedding right now probably really helps them love these gloves. And I have drenched them in water and used them just to see. They still work great they just don’t wipe off the hair as easily as dry but they are very good. I’m not sure how long they will last with enthusiastic brushing but if it lasts the shedding season i’ll be happy. I’m really pleased with how much of the dead skin and dirt it pulls up as well. The boys will be gleaming in no time!

*Note* These gloves are a tad expensive at $25 a pop BUT you horses will seriously say thank you! Both Cash and Jack love them and they have two very different tastes for what and how I groom them!

My work schedule has been ridiculous lately and I won’t lie, my time with my horses has suffered because it. (hence my very few posts these last few weeks) and I love just going out to hang with the boys and give them some brushings to get my horse hair therapy going.  These gloves have really helped it for sure! 😀

I think time on the ground just hanging out with the horses is also just as important as riding the horses. I’ve found that when I do work in hand, or I just relax and hang out drinking a cup of tea (or wine) and sit near them while they are grazing really has drastically improved my relationship with my horses. I think in a way it builds their trust with me, and of course great grooming sessions always help, especially when you reach those really, really hard to reach places for them!  Any who I just wanted to jump in and say a quick hello before having to head off to find me some dinner and a really really hot shower before getting ready for my day tomorrow.

Good news! The sun has been shining and I think possibly that summer is almost here! That means a lot more work with the boys since it’s staying lighter much longer! So as long as work doesn’t put me on the crazy schedule I’ve been on the last few weeks I’ll be back to blogging again like crazy!

Until next time!


**This is not a sponsored post. I just seriously love these gloves and had to share! Click on the link above or check them out here at**


Product Review: Shire Slow Feed Haynets


This has become one of my favorite purchases recently for the horses. As anyone living in the Pacific Northwest knows we have been attempting to drown in all the rain we are getting. With rain of course comes mud, and with mud  the horses always seem to find a way to stomp their feed into the mud. Hay here is VERY expensive so it is extremely aggravating to go out and see that half of what you fed your horses is now soaked in mud and urine. Enter slow feed haynets.

If you’re like me you want your hay bill to be as small as possible!  Well I had been debating feeding them haynets because when I grew up everyone always said you had to be so careful with haynets least a horse get caught and hurt in one. I can officially say a lot of the issues with a horse getting hurt in one is gone with a slow feed haynet!

Why are they safer then regular haynets? Well the holes are way smaller then a standard haynet. The holes in these haynets are 1.5 inches. A standard haynet is 6 inches! That is a huge difference in size. and even a small hoofed horse/pony shouldn’t get their hoof caught in it unless there is unprepared rips in the net(though I’m not sure about mini’s). Now I will say if you have a shod horse I would still be really careful with the haynets because a shoe can get caught in it if they strike, kick or paw at it but if you have barefoot horses I wouldn’t be as worried. The only other point of injury may be from if you hang it and some how they get caught under it but I see the haynets breaking before injury occurs 99% of the time.

So how do I use this? I’m a bit unconventional. I fill my haynets and then I just tie the ends in a slip not until the very end of the rope. Then I just tuck the end through the last loop so the horses can’t open it or get a hoof caught in it and I toss it over the fence. By feeding them this way it induces that normal grazing pattern and I don’t have to worry about them getting weird musculature from pulling down feed out of a strung net. They can also toss it around so it keeps them moving in a more normal grazing pattern.

So does this really help keep them from stomping the hay into the mud? YES! They are amazing. My waste has dropped by at least 80% with most of the day’s it’s around 95%. There will still be a little waste from them tossing it around but they eat so much slower they don’t become nearly as picky as free feed! Also I haven’t had a problem at all with them peeing on it either so another big win.

What about quality? These haynets seem to be very good quality. The boys are really tough on them and they are withstanding the beatings. I’ve only had one small pice come undone and I fixed it by retying it. They have been getting these twice a day for about 2 weeks now. So an update will be coming but for now they are holding up  to some pretty good abuse.

It improves horses gut health! Horses intestines are designed to have a slow intake of feed all day. When horses get fed two large feedings (which is typical in most barns) they loose that constant trickle and there will be periods of nothing in their system. This can lead to ulcers and can eventually lead to bad stall habits like weaving and cribbing. It won’t always fix these issues but a slow feeder seriously extends their eating time and gives them something to focus on. This cuts down on boredom which is also a root cause of some stable vices. There still may be a few times with no feed in their system unless you feed large bags but its still much better for their system.  Also horses (at least my boys) seem to be happier during the day and not nearly as needy around feed time, unless of course I’m taking them to the pasture. Then all bets are off! With a calmer horse, it makes riding so much better!

What size to buy? I bought the small ones. They are blue and black and they are very good sized for fitting quite a bit of hay! They will fit more then your average two flake feedings. I have not tried the large(red and black) but I’ve read they can hold over half a normal small bale. If you want a more all day feeding/ fill once and leave it for a day or two I’d go more with the large. I prefer the small because I can monitor their feed just a tad more but thats a personal preference. Eventually I might upgrade to the large if the rain keeps up and I can’t let them out in the pastures.

What does this cost? At this time on Amazon the small size is ranging about $13.50 with free shipping with amazon prime. The large is $22.oo plus shipping. I just bought a second set so I can set it my morning feeding during the evening chores and I don’t have to go hunt around in the dark to find the haynets. I highly recommend this unless you are lucky enough to feed in the light during the winter!

Any who I absolutely love these. I use the 1.5 inch ones right now for my boys and after a few days of feeding with the haynet and a flake of hay outside the haynet, they figured them out and don’t complain anymore. I’m not sure if I’d move them down to 1 inch. Cash would get too flustered but some horses still eat pretty fast through a 1.5 inch when they figure it out so they may need it.

When they are eating out of haynets be sure to periodically check their gums! Some horses can get sores from pushing on the haynets with their teeth. I haven’t had a problem at all with it so just keep an eye out!

Here’s the links to buy the Shires nets:


Until next time!

Here’s a pic of them eating their haynets in the driest corner of their stalls after their night romp through the neighborhood.  The haynets are not hung or attached to anything and they do throw them around but usually not until they are almost all done eating the hay.

The boys happily back in their pen with a late breakfast!


Product Review: The Dublin Pinnacle Boot

Hey everyone!

Since it;s warming up but the footing is still to bad to ride I thought I’d do a product review on these boots I recently bought.


The Dublin Pinnacle Boot

Price: I think they are rather affordable sitting at about $200 depending on the retailer. Considering the price of other boots in similar lines they are much nicer on the pocket book!

Size: These boots seem to run a tad bit big. I’d say if you’re not planning on wearing thick wool type socks I’d go down about half a size.

Waterproof: Oh yes they are! Between all the snow and rain we’ve had I’ve had these wet all the way to the top and they are completely waterproof so far! My feet have been toasty dry no matter if it was water, snow or muck.

Comfort:  These boots are super comfortable! There was vertically no break in time! I’ve worn them pretty much nonstop since I bought them and haven’t had any rubs or blisters at all! The fact that I can adjust the boot to fit my calf is also a huge bonus for me! I love being able to snug it up and loosen it where I need it! Not to mention the lacings are beautiful!

Durability: I haven’t owned these long enough to really say how durable they are but they seem to be well constructed and I think as long as they are oiled occasionally they should hold up very well! I’ll update this when I’ve really had them a while!


I must say I’m absolutely in love with these boots so far! They’ve worked great during our monsoons and snow storms recently here in Colorado and I’m sure they will be really tested when I get to Washington. So far I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a stylish boot that is comfortable and can be used in the barn, riding horses and out in town!