Book Review: Modern Gymnastics By Jim Wofford

Modern gymnastics

I’ve been toying around with doing some book reviews with some of the books I have read and/or use that seem to really open my eyes or help me out with my horses. This book just happens to be one of those amazing books I always refer back to!

I do have a little confession before we start. I have used this book since…well…since I can remember. Or I should say it’s first predecessor (in the pic below). My mom happened to have a copy of it (which I happened to acquire *shifty eyes*) and I always snag little items from it to work on with my horses when I feel I need some structure and/or help coming up with a training plan as my horses get going. I was super excited to see that it has been re -released with an accompanying DVD, and in full color pictures!

Book review:

The pictures are beauitifuly done and really help show how it should be ridden. The diagrams are very helpful for setting up the grids and the measurements have worked perfectly regardless of the type of horse. Some small horses might have to lengthen a bit but it still rides well. Make the measurements with a good measurements and it will ride like it should so long as the measurements are double checked for accuracy.

The sequence of progression is very horse and rider friendly. Whether you have an experienced jumper or a green horse or rider, this book will most assuredly help build confidence and technique for any challenge in the ring.  Having not progressed to the advanced part I can’t comment on how it rides, but I know the beginning progressions have shown great strides with my horses confidence and their ability to think over fences as well as my own.

The book is well put together and it is easy to find what I’m looking for. The only downfall to the print is since it’s a normal book binding and it can be a pain trying to leave it open and set up jumps without having to thumb back through to verify distances. Instead of fighting with the book I just take a picture on my phone to be able to look at it faster. I would have appreciated the original spiral binding so it would lay flat much more easily.

The DVD: The DVD is not necessary to get with the book but it is nice being able to see the grid being jumped and listening to some of Jim’s explanations help as well. So if you are a more visual person then the DVD will help a lot with the book!

I give this book a 100% recommendation for anyone jumping horses regardless height!

I must say please please please follow Jim’s plan and don’t just jump into the middle of the book regardless of how experienced your horse is. Unless you have done gymnastics like this a lot beforehand you’d be amazed at how hard the horse has to work over the simple looking jump exercises.


The gear I use for my grids (same book just older version)
The gear I use for my grids (same book just older version)



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