An Easy Way To Teach An In And Out

Well today is another fine day here in Washington! And boy oh boy has it been a productive one with Cash and Jack!

If you can believe it I actually got Jack to jump today! He’s finally realizing that he can actually pick up his front end and jump instead of stumbling over them!!

Cash finally figured out how to navigate a simple in and out!!! ūüėÄ

Now our training today was all free work in the arena. Cash has had some balance issues when trying to navigate an In and Out when I’m on his back. I know I’m not always the best rider so I figured I’d try to help him out and let him get used to doing it on his own before adding me.

Now I set it up very simply. It was two jumps set up as a one stride but to start with I left the front jump up in a small vertical and set the second jump as a pile of poles that he had to go over but if his timing was a bit off it didn’t matter much.

**Note** It really helps young or inexperienced horses to have ground lines on both sides of the jump especially if jumping from both directions. It helps the horses gauge how high the jump is and makes it a little less airy/scary to them. As the horses progress you can eventually take the ground poles away. In the picture below I left the two white poles where they are and just raised the black and yellow one on both jumps. **

In and out pile poles
How I set up the pile of poles so they would be more encouraged to jump then step!

I sent Cash¬†through several times each direction. When he looked relatively bored with it I set up the second jump in a small vertical as well. Now Cash being the sneaky guy he is managed to get through it a few times without jumping both jumps. But it wasn’t long before I maneuvered myself so he couldn’t easily slide out between the jumps and he started jumping them like a pro!



I didn’t push Cash¬†to hard today. This was an easy day for both of us because we had an amazing trail ride yesterday and in my not so infamous wisdom decided to do most of it in light seat/2point and my legs and back are super sore!


Jack I worked the same way as Cash except at the beginning of the exercise I put both jumps down to a pile of poles for him to go over. He is very smart and figured out with the ground poles on the other side if he hugged the rail he only had to lift his feet higher on one side hahah. Needless to say I fixed it but it was funny to watch!



Once he was comfortable with this I¬†then only set the first jump as a vertical. I don’t want to over face Jack, and since he hasn’t decided he likes the whole jumping thing or not yet I just had him do it like that. To my surprise he seems to really love it! ¬†¬†I’ve legitimately had a break threw with him. By the end of the session Jack was volunteering the jump!!!! ¬†In the video below it shows his first jump so its a it funny looking but by the time we finished he was jumping it beautifully. My camera and I were having issues so i didn’t manage to get the good one on film oops


I couldn’t be more proud of the boys! They really surpassed my expectations today. The videos really don’t to them any justice in how well they preformed! Both boys have a long way to go to get to competitions but I think these small successes are what makes working with horses so much fun. I hope you all have enjoyed this little success as much as I have!




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