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Heres a brief bio of myself, Lindsey Bakke! I am an amateur eventer currently working on bringing two Quarter Horses up through the ranks (just how far we go is yet to be determined)  while also, holding a full time job as a K9 Handler to support my addicting horsey habits.  If you’ve been following my blog or just checking back you’ll know that the juggling of the wife part didn’t quite pan out but such is life. Thats why we have horses and dogs right!

I got lucky enough to be born and raised on a ranch with my wonderful family. I’d say horses are in my blood as much as my soul.  I learned a vast majority from my mother and father and the rest I’ve managed to pick up along the way. I’m always studying many different trainers and reading more books then I can think of and then going out to test it on my horses!

I recently moved from Colorado the picturesque Washington State for my job.  I’m a working dog handler because what’s better then working with dogs all day and horses after work????

My two horses are Cash, a beautiful black Quarter Horse who is currently 8 years old and his 4 year old nephew Jack, a handsome bay. My family has proudly bred and raised these fine specimens (ok I’m biased but I think they are fantastic horses) and now it’s my turn to go out in the world and see what I can do on my own!!!

I plan on letting ya’ll know updates about my journey with these two and hopefully some good old wisdom that I pick up along the way! Hope you enjoy!!!

Oh and please excuse the website! I’m just learning the ropes on this so it might be a little odd at times and I apologize for any spelling errors. I’m my own editor at the moment so I do miss stuff sometimes. I fix them as soon as I catch them! I’m currently working on the Gallery so you can see the fun pics I get of the boys (and hopefully videos to once I figure it out) Though I won’t lie I’m very bad at updating it so check out my Facebook or Instagram pages for better pics!   😀 Thank you for stopping by!

Until next time!

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